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Bra Fit & Design

3 Important Factors That Determine Your Bra Band Size (for Parfait)

5 Things Lingerie Brands Want You To Know About Bras (for Parfait)

A Guide To The Different Bra Cup Styles (for Parfait)

A Guide To The Different Parts Of A Bra and What They Do (for Parfait)

Bras for Sagging Breasts, and Other Bra Tips for Older Women (for Blest Bras)

Here’s How The Construction Of Your Bra Affects The Fit (for Parfait)

Here’s What You Need To Know About Side Support Bras (for Parfait)

How Should A Bra Fit? (for Parfait)

How Tight Should Your Bra Band Be? (for Parfait)

How To Find A Bralette That Actually Works For Full Busts (for Parfait)

How to Find a Strapless Bra that’s Supportive and Stays Up (for Blest Bras)

Is A Bralette Right for You? (for Parfait)

The Difference Between “Plus Size” and “Full Bust”, and Why It Matters (for Zathiya)

Talking Full-Bust Bra Construction with Kimberly Hamilton (for Zathiya)

Why Bras Cost What They Do (for Zathiya)

Why Do So Many Women Wear The Wrong Bra Size? (for Parfait)

Why Don’t I Wear The Same Bra Size In Every Brand? (for Parfait)

Lingerie Care & Sewing

4 Questions To Ask Yourself To Decide If It’s Time To Replace Your Bra (for Parfait)

5 Tips To Keep Your Bras Looking New For Longer (for Parfait)

All of Your Bra Washing Questions, Answered! (for Zathiya)

How to Dye your Lingerie (for The Lingerie Addict)

How to Fix Your Broken Bras – Part 1 (for The Breast Life)

How to Fix Your Broken Bras — Part 2 (for The Breast Life)

How to Replace Your Bra Straps (for The Lingerie Addict)

How to Wash and Care for Sports Bras (for The Lingerie Journal)

Should You Get Rid Of Your Old Bras Or Fix Them? (for Parfait)

Where to Buy Lingerie Sewing Supplies Online in the UK and Europe (for The Breast Life)

Where to Buy Lingerie Sewing Supplies Online in the US and Canada (for The Breast Life)

Lingerie Shopping

General Shopping Advice

5 Reasons Why You Should Shop Local Lingerie Stores Instead Of Victoria’s Secret (for Parfait)

8 Pretty Bras To Lift Your Mood This Spring (for Parfait)

Buying Lingerie Online? Here’s What To Do When Your Order Arrives (for Parfait)

How to Buy Lingerie for your Partner this Holiday (for The Lingerie Journal)

How to Buy Lingerie Online (for Parfait)

Lingerie for Less: What You Need to Know About Diffusion Lines (for The Breast Life)

Lingerie Shopping Guide: How To Buy A Friend A Bra Or Other Lingerie Gift (for Parfait)

Should You Buy Your Lingerie Online or In Store? (for Parfait)

Where to Buy Made-to-Measure Bras Online (for The Breast Life)

Product Recommendations: Bridal Lingerie

15 Beautiful Honeymoon Lingerie Ideas for Under $120 (for The Breast Life)

15 Inexpensive Honeymoon Lingerie Ideas for $60 or Less (for The Breast Life)

Budget Bridal: 5 Lingerie Ideas Under $70 and How to Customize Them (for The Lingerie Addict)

Pure Indulgence: 21 Luxury Honeymoon Lingerie Ideas (for The Breast Life)

Product Recommendations: Holiday & Seasonal Lingerie

15 Orange Bra Sets for Halloween (for The Breast Life)

18 Heart-Themed Lingerie Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2018 (for The Breast Life)

20 Festive Dark Green Lingerie and Nightwear Looks (for The Breast Life)

20 Festive Holiday Party Lingerie Looks (for The Breast Life)

20 Heart-Themed Lingerie Looks for Valentine’s Day 2019 (for The Breast Life)

20 Red Velvet Lingerie Looks to Keep Cozy this Winter (for The Breast Life)

6 Lingerie Themed Stocking Stuffer Ideas (for The Breast Life)

9 Orange and Black Lingerie Treats For Halloween (for The Lingerie Addict)

Beautiful Black Lace Lingerie for Valentine’s Day, and Beyond! (for The Breast Life)

How to Gift Hosiery for Valentine’s Day (for Mayfair Stockings)

Lingerie Accessory Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day 2018 (for The Lingerie Journal)

Lovely in Lemon: 7 Lingerie Ideas for Easter (for The Lingerie Addict)

Romantic Red Garter Belt Sets for Valentine’s Day (for The Breast Life)

Springtime Pastel Lingerie: Easter Egg Inspired Edition (for The Breast Life)

Product Recommendations: Other Lingerie

11 Bra Brands for Smaller Busts (for The Breast Life)

17 Bras with Stylish Shoulder Straps (for The Breast Life)

20 Fairytale Lingerie Looks to Delight Your Inner Princess (for The Breast Life)

20 Pairs of Deluxe, No-Tassel Nipple Pasties (for The Breast Life)

25 Definitely-Not-Boring Gym Chic Sports Bras (for The Breast Life)

6 Lesser-Known Places to Find Stylish Nursing Bras (for The Breast Life)

6 Lingerie Looks To Update Your Fall Wardrobe (for Parfait)

9 Brands Making Small Cup Bras on Plus Sized Bands (for The Breast Life)

A Beginner’s Guide to Bullet Bras (for The Breast Life)

Beautiful Nightwear and Loungewear Gifts for Every Budget (for The Breast Life)

Classic Black Bra Sets to Wear Every Day – and on Special Occasions (for The Breast Life)

Fall Colors: 21 Bra Sets for the Harvest Season (for The Breast Life)

Goodbye Panty Lines: 15 Pairs of Seamless and No-VPL Briefs (for The Breast Life)

Lingerie Accessories to Wear to Your Boudoir Photo Shoot (for The Breast Life)

Lingerie as Outerwear: 25 Party Ready Styles (for The Breast Life)

Luxury Loungewear to Celebrate National Relaxation Day (for The Breast Life)

Stylish Pajama Sets to Wear Out of the House (for The Breast Life)

What is a Waspie Corset and How Do I Wear One? (for The Breast Life)

Where is All The Pretty Shapewear? Look to Retro Brands! (for The Breast Life)

Where to Buy a (Proper) Corset for Under $100 (for The Breast Life)

Where to Buy Lingerie Sets With Garter Belts That Won’t Break the Bank (for The Breast Life)

Lingerie Brands

10 Polish Lingerie Brands You Need to Know (for The Breast Life)

10 More Polish Lingerie Brands You Need to Know (for The Breast Life)

4 Retailers Whose Own Brand Lingerie Ranges You Need to Know (for The Breast Life)

9 Brands Creating Lingerie-Inspired Outerwear (for The Breast Life)

Addiction Nouvelle – Chic, Comfy and Contemporary Lingerie (for The Lingerie Journal)

Avery Rose: Beautiful Bralettes For Everyday (for The Lingerie Journal)

Belly Bandit’s Collection for the Modern Mom (for The Lingerie Journal)

Bezi Bra Discs – The New Reusable Nipple Covers (for The Lingerie Journal)

Edge o’ Beyond’s New Lingerie, Swimwear, and Luxury Mastectomy Bra (for The Breast Life)

In Search of Style: The Launch of Avery Rose (for The Lingerie Journal)

Introducing Lalita: Luxury Lingerie For Women Who Dare (for The Lingerie Journal)

Lalita Accessories: Key Pieces for Summer 2018 (for The Lingerie Journal)

Meet Evelyn & Bobbie, the Brand Redesigning the Bra (for The Lingerie Journal)

Nubian Skin: Expanding Intimate and Lounge Options for Women of Color (for The Breast Life)

Sneaky Vaunt, Makers of the World’s Most Famous Stick-On Bra (for The Lingerie Journal)

Taryn Winters FW18 Lingerie Collection (for The Lingerie Journal)

The Non-Brit’s Intro to Marks & Spencer Lingerie (for The Breast Life)

Why Customers Love Bumbrella’s Panty-Slip (for The Lingerie Journal)


Fully-Fashioned Stockings for Vintage Glamour (for Mayfair Stockings)

The Best Hosiery Looks for the Party Season (for Mayfair Stockings)

Other Lingerie Topics

10 Lingerie Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following (for The Breast Life)

4 Reasons To Love Longline Bras (for Parfait)

4 Things To Take To A Boudoir Photo Shoot (for Parfait)

5 Full-Bust Lingerie Bloggers To Follow For Lingerie Advice (for Parfait)

5 Ways The Right Lingerie Can Boost Your Confidence (for Parfait)

6 Bra Trends You’ll Be Seeing In Stores This Season, Spring/Summer 2019 (for Parfait)

7 Ways To Style A Bralette As Outerwear (for Parfait)

Are Bras or Underwires Bad For You? (for Parfait)

Discover the Art of Modern Corsetry with The Underpinnings Museum (for The Breast Life)

Do You Need To Buy Fancy Lingerie For Your Wedding Day? (for Parfait)

How to Buy and Wear Suspender Belts (for Mayfair Stockings)

How To Encourage Lingerie Brands To Make What You Want to Buy (for Parfait)

How To Pack Lingerie When Your Suitcase Space Is Limited (for Parfait)

How to Sell Lingerie on eBay: Tips to Get the Best Price (for The Breast Life)


2017 Swimwear Trend: The High-Neck Bikini (for The Breast Life)

3 Swimwear Trends to Make a Splash in This Summer (for The Breast Life)

AnaOno’s Stylish Post-Mastectomy Swimwear (for The Breast Life)

Bust Support at the Beach: One-Piece Swimsuits with Underwire (for The Breast Life)

Colorful Resort Wear Under $100 to Brighten Up Your Winter (for The Breast Life)

How to Choose the Right Bathing Suit for Your Body Type (for Bohemian Barefoot)

Stylish and Sporty Swimwear for the Athletic Fashionista (for The Breast Life)

For Lingerie Businesses

5 Rewards Program Ideas For Your Online Lingerie Store (for Parfait)

6 Things Your Customers Want You To Know About Professional Bra Fittings (for Parfait)

7 Reasons Not to Depend Solely On Social Media For (Your Lingerie) Business (for Parfait)

7 Ways To Build Consumer Trust In-Store and Online (for Parfait)

8 Important Features Every Online Lingerie Boutique Needs (for Parfait)

Adding a New Lingerie Brand to Your Store? Ask Yourself These 7 Questions First (for Parfait)

How To Attract More Plus Size Customers To Your Online Lingerie Boutique (for Parfait)

How To Lower Purchase Return Rates To Your Online Lingerie Store (for Parfait)

How to Start a Lingerie Boutique Online (for Parfait)

Lingerie Buyers: Here’s How To Get The Most Out Of Trade Shows (for Parfait)

Lingerie Store Owners: Here’s How To Stay Up To Date With Lingerie Trends (for Parfait)

Should You Hire A Copywriter For Your Online Lingerie Store? (for Parfait)

Should You Offer Bra Alterations At Your Lingerie Store? (for Parfait)

Should Your Lingerie Boutique Offer Free Bra Fittings? (for Parfait)

The Key To Building A Community Around Your Brick and Mortar Lingerie Business (for Parfait)

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