Splurge or Save? Bordelle vs. New Look Black Bra With Cream Lace

by Estelle Puleston

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I featured this gorgeous Aqualegia bra and the matching thong on the last Lust List article. As soon as I saw this Kelly Brook bra over on the New Look website, it reminded me of the Aqualegia bra, even though they are obviously at completely different ends of the price spectrum; the Bordelle costs upwards of £200 whereas the Kelly Brook for New Look version is only £14.99 – hardly an expensive bra.

These are similar bras – they both have moulded cups in smooth, black satin, topped with cream lace which follows the same shape, and adorned with bow details at the centre of the bust.

Of course, there are differences too, as you’d expect with such wildly different prices. For starters, there’s the quality of the fabrics – the Bordelle Aqualegia bra is made from silk with gold-threaded lace and 18-carat gold plating on the metal hardware. Kelly Brook’s bra on the other hand is just your regular, average quality satin and lace like you’d typically find on the high-street. The triple straps on the Bordelle bra are also a key part of the design, which the New Look version doesn’t have.

So, which is better? Well, I think that’s obvious, but few people can afford to pay Bordelle prices. If you like the overall look of the bra but simply can’t justify the price tag, Kelly Brook’s bra over at New Look is a good compromise that won’t be the most luxurious bra you’ve ever bought, but certainly seems reasonable for the price.


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