About Me

by Estelle Puleston
About Me


I’m Estelle Puleston – Esty, if you prefer – and I’m the founder and editor of this blog, and a freelance copywriter and digital marketer for the lingerie industry. I also write for The Breast Life and The Lingerie Journal, and was named by Lingerie Insight magazine as one of 2018’s “biggest stars in the intimate apparel industry”. I guess you could say I like bras and knickers rather a lot!

My teenage years were spent poring over the sale racks in La Senza. Eventually, I bought my first expensive set there, or at least one that seemed expensive to me at the time (today, I’d call it a bargain). It was silk and lace and just about the prettiest thing I’d ever seen, and it wasn’t long until I returned to buy it in two more colours. Chic lingerie had got me hooked.

In 2009, while studying in Paris and with more free time than I knew what to do with, I launched an online lingerie boutique on a whim. A couple of years later I added a blog to the website, and eventually realised that writing is really where my passion lies. And in 2017, I quit my day job in marketing to make lingerie blogging my full-time thing.

Outside of Esty Lingerie, I’m a mother, a wife, and a British expat living in Spain. My other favourite things include fancy desserts, soppy drama films, sewing clothes by hand, and hearing from my readers. Want to get in touch?

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