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Hi! Welcome to my blog. My name’s Estelle Puleston (Esty, if you prefer) and I’m the main writer and editor of this blog, as well as the designer-maker of my own lingerie line.

I’ve loved pretty underthings for as long as I can remember – I still recall picking out my one vest with a lace trim and diamanté gem over the plain white ones when I was about five or six, every single time it was clean and in my drawer. My obsession with luxury lingerie however really began when I turned 18 and bought my first ‘expensive’ bra set, a silk and lace affair from La Senza. I was instantly hooked – I went back and bought it in 2 more colours, and haven’t looked back since!

In 2009, whilst living in Paris for the 3rd year of my degree, I decided to launch an online lingerie boutique on a whim. Two years later I started blogging, and eventually realised that this is really where my passion lies – though you will still find a curated selection of independent designer lingerie, and my own handmade designs, available in the shop.

Nowadays I’m a first-time Mum engaged to a wonderful fiancé, working a day job in digital marketing (specifically blogger engagement, which is awesome) and spending all of my free time sewing lingerie, blogging and tweeting about lingerie, or deciding which lingerie I’m going to buy next. My life kind of revolves around knickers.

My top piece of lingerie advice is to invest in quality – you’ll treasure one luxury bra far more than you will 3 or 4 cheap ones. I’m gradually replacing my high-street lingerie wardrobe with beautiful, indulgent pieces and sharing my thoughts and reviews along the way. I hope you enjoy reading them!

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