Splurge or Save? Agent Provocateur vs. Jeneylee Net Bra Set

by Estelle Puleston

I’ve blogged about the Agent Provocateur Bubbles lingerie set before – not once but twice, I loved it that much – but unfortunately a number of things like mortgage payments and needing to buy food conspired against me so I could never justify the £200 price tag before it sold out. So imagine my surprise when I spotted this set over on Etsy!

Jeneylee offers up a cheaper alternative not only to the bra and high-waisted brief shown, but also to the low-rise brief and suspender belt in the Agent Provocateur Bubbles collection. Coming in at roughly 10% of the price, for those who dreamed of owning this set when it hit AP’s shelves this must be a dream come true…

However, I’ll admit I’m in two minds over this one. Unlike the last Splurge or Save? blog which featured a similar-but-not-identical alternative to, coindicentally, another Agent Provocateur piece, this Jeneylee set has obviously been copied down to almost the last detail. Half of me is thinking that copying like this is always wrong, whereas the other half of me is thinking that since the Bubbles set has long since sold out, it’s not like Agent Provocateur will be losing out on any sales if people opt for this cheaper alternative.

Unfortunately the Jeneylee bra doesn’t come in anywhere near my size, but if you’re an A or B cup and loved the Bubbles set as much as I did, I’d love to hear your opinion on this low-cost version? Will you be buying it?


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