Top 5 eBay Lingerie Picks – March 2014

by Estelle Puleston

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links.

A few years ago I wouldn’t have considered buying lingerie on eBay but I’ve realised recently that it’s actually a great place to find last-season pieces that are no longer stocked anywhere else, and to pick up amazing designer bargains too!

In fact, many well-known lingerie brands and retailers themselves are now opening their own eBay stores for clearance stock, such as What Katie Did, Kiss Me Deadly and even Figleaves.

So I thought I would share with you a monthly round-up my favourite lingerie picks on eBay. Here’s what I’ve been adding to my favourites list recently…


Maison Close nightdress (pictured above)

Buy-it-Now for £45

Size: Small

adore Maison Close lingerie – no other brand makes simplicity look so luxe! This sheer, knee-length slip comes gift-boxed and would look amazing in any lingerie drawer – I’d totally be buying this myself if I weren’t currently pregnant!


Bordelle garter set

Buy-it-Now for £70

Size: Adjustable

Despite never having bought anything from them (yet), I’d still list Bordelle as my absolute-favourite-of-them-all lingerie brand. These strappy leather garters with suspender clips for stockings are really unique and I’ve not been able to find them for sale anywhere else.


Kiss Me Deadly girdle

Buy-it-Now for £25 (or submit an offer)

Size: Small

I love knicker girdles, and this one is a limited-edition floral print that’s no longer available on the Kiss Me Deadly website, and which is perfect for spring! I’m the kind of person that won’t wear non-matching lingerie, but with the black edging and suspender straps I think this would look great with a black bra and stockings.

Update 09/03/14: Hazel, who’s selling this girdle, has pointed out to me that Kiss Me Deadly used leftover fabric from a Freya range, which means there is a matching bra available after all! If I could find one in my size I would snap it and the girdle up in a heartbeat, but alas no. There are lots of sizes on eBay however – click here to see them all.


Fred and Ginger bra set

Buy-it-Now for £29.99

Size: 32C, Large

Fred and Ginger is normally quite an expensive brand but quite a while back they created a much more affordable collection for ASOS that, to be honest, looked as good as their mainline collection. I bought a set for my sister and ever since have been wishing I’d bought a set for myself too! Those designs are quite hard to come by now, but here’s one!


Spoylt silk robe

Buy-it-Now for £65-£68

Size: XS or S

Spoylt is a deluxe lingerie brand that’s sadly no longer around, but you can still get hold of a few last pieces on eBay. I’ve had this beautiful silk robe in my watch list for months and now that the weather’s starting to warm up, I may well get round to buying one. There are only 3 left and then these are probably gone forever!


I’d love to know, do you ever buy lingerie on eBay?


The product recommendations directly above are affiliate links

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Hazel August 14, 2014 - 12:27 am

Thanks for featuring the knicker girdle from my shop! I love your other pics too, Bordelle is also a brand I love without ever actually being lucky enough to try, and the colour of that Fred and Ginger set is gorgeous. Since you said about matching sets I thought it would be worth mentioning that the Kiss Me Deadly floral fabric is upcycled excess material from a bra made by Freya, so it would be possible to get a matching set if you can track down the bra in question!

Hazel x

Shelley August 14, 2014 - 12:28 am

Hi Estelle!
I have been a huge fan of Esty since I first discovered you on (long time online pal, Cora from TLA blog). In fact I just because an affiliate!

Anyhow, I buy EVERYTHING on eBay! In fact this is where I sell full time. For me personally, it doesn’t bother me a bit buying lingerie from eBay. In fact, if I could post a picture, I bought a beautiful peignoir set (and a steal of a deal) by Flora Nikrooz. Granted, it was a “used”, but in mint condition.

As long as I don’t buy “worn/used” panties (knickers) as you over on the other side of the pond, calls them, I’m ok with it. In fact “worn/used” knickers aren’t allowed on eBay anyhow. YUCK. lol

Ok, I want to write a guest blog post soon! On vintage lingerie of course! Talk soon!

Mira August 14, 2014 - 12:28 am

Hi Esty,
Great idea for post! I’m not a big fan of eBay shopping as there is so much scam and fake things! A couple of years ago there was a person who listed tones of AP items. All of them started 99p and lots of people bid. So hundreds of pounds was paid and all those people never got their items. Since that I’m very sceptical. Although I was lucky to buy brand new La Perla Black Label bra (I featured on Lost in Lingerie) as too small, too delicate “unwanted gift” (!). For very small money. I’m not against eBay shopping for lingerie and I know my partner bought me a couple of pieces from eBay sales, but they were as you mentioned above the brand’s/retailer’s eBay shops.


Estelle August 14, 2014 - 2:15 am

Hi Mira,

I know what you mean, there are a LOT of fakes on eBay. Luckily I’ve bought a few things and yet to be scammed myself – I have a gorgeous Mimi Holliday Bisou chemise that I picked up there from a private seller, and I’ve bought a few things from the Figleaves official outlet. Personally I’d recommend always paying by Paypal, I don’t know how much protection you’d have for a counterfeit item but for an item not received you can at least get your money back.

Estelle August 14, 2014 - 2:16 am

Hi Shelley,

Thanks for commenting 🙂

If I were buying knickers on eBay I’d make sure they were new with tags, or from a ‘reputable’ retailer selling on eBay like Figleaves or Kiss Me Deadly. But for other stuff, I’d generally be happy to buy second-hand (although I mostly buy new stuff anyway. It’s so easy to find new lingerie on eBay, I don’t think most people realise that!). I’ve been after a vintage peignoir for some time too actually, I check Etsy for some every now and then but yet to see one that’s really caught my eye.

Estelle x

(P.S. There is a little bit of info on guest posting for us if you click Work With Us at the top of the blog)

Estelle August 14, 2014 - 2:16 am

Hi Hazel,

Thanks for letting me know! It’s called the Fiesta bra by Freya it turns out, I’ve updated the post to include a link. I wish I could find one in my size!

I do love Fred and Ginger’s use of colour! This is what I bought my sister >