Blog Sale – Help Me Clear Out My Lingerie Drawer!

by Estelle Puleston

Please note that this blog sale has now ended and all items are unavailable, including the unsold ones.

As I’m sure many of you are doing too, I’m having a big New Year’s wardrobe clear-out, starting with my lingerie. Many of these are items that I do like but simply don’t get enough chance to wear to justify keeping them, whilst others are brand new pieces that weren’t a great fit. It seems a shame for all of this to stay buried away at the back of my drawer – plus I could do with a bit more drawer space!

As with last year’s blog sale, postage will be £4 within the UK, £8 within Europe and £10 elsewhere. This includes tracking/insurance, and is per order, not per item. As I am selling everything here well below the RRP, returns are not accepted. I can accept Paypal, credit/debit cards or bank transfer.

If you’d like to buy anything, please leave a comment (if you’re a first-time commenter it won’t be visible until approved, so no need to leave another if it doesn’t show up right away!) or email Items will be marked as sold once they’re paid for so you can see what’s still available.


Boux Avenue Juliet bra, RRP £28

Asking price: £15

Size: 30F

Condition: Gently used, perfect condition. Sadly changed sizes shortly after buying this beautiful bra!



Kris Line Bonnie bra, RRP £28

Asking price: £15

Size: 32DD (EUR 70DD) – though I would say it fits more like 32E

Condition: Brand new with tags but missing faux pearl bead from the centre gore



Kris Line Bonnie thong, RRP unknown

Asking price: £5

Size: Large (UK 12-14)

Condition: Brand new with tags



Kris Line Bonnie suspender belt, RRP £23

Asking price: £15

Size: Small (UK 8-10)

Condition: Brand new with tags



Ann Summers Kate bra, RRP unknown (padded version is £26)

Asking price: £12

Size: 32DD, I think it fits more like a 32E

Condition: Gently used, great condition



Tutti Rouge Nichole bra, RRP £29.50

Asking price: £10

Size: 28F

Condition: Brand new without tags



Playful Promises Temptation corset (plastic boned), RRP £75

Asking price: £15 SOLD

Size: Extra Small (UK 8)

Condition: Brand new with tags


Playful Promises Ghost bodysuit, RRP £45

Asking price: £10

Size: Small (UK 10)

Condition: Brand new with tags



Playful Promises Dominique bra, RRP £45

Asking price: £10 SOLD

Size: 34C

Condition: Brand new with tags



Playful Promises Pippa Dandelion bra, RRP £30

Asking price: £8

Size: Medium (UK 10)

Condition: Gently used, good condition



Playful Promises Sweetheart bra, RRP £20

Asking price: £5 SOLD

Size: Medium (UK 10)

Condition: Fair condition, some wear. Also I replaced the original pink straps with red ones.



Midnight Grace by Figleaves Paige bra & thong, RRP £38

Asking price: £15

Size: 32DD & UK 10

Condition: Brand new without tags



Figleaves Olivia bra & thong, RRP £38

Asking price: £20

Size: 30DD and UK 10

Condition: Brand new without tags



Claudette Dessous bra, RRP ~£43

Asking price: £10

Size: 30E

Condition: Gently used, very good condition



Claudette En Dentelle bra, RRP ~£48

Asking price: £10 SOLD

Size: 30E

Condition: Gently used, perfect condition



Claudette En Dentelle bra & thong with detachable suspenders, RRP ~£67

Asking price: £25

Size: 30F and XS

Condition: Bra worn once, thong brand new without tags (as I also bought the matching knickers)



Claudette Paramour bra, RRP ~£48

Asking price: £10

Size: 32DD

Condition: Gently used, label has come out but otherwise good condition



Nichole de Carle Opal silk bra, RRP roughly £100

Asking price: £25

Size: Medium

Condition: Gently used, excellent condition



Nichole de Carle Opal silk babydoll & trousers set, RRP £300

Asking price: £100 Now asking £75

Size: Extra Small (UK 8) – fits smaller cup sizes

Condition: Brand new with tags & storage bag. However I modified the babydoll by adding extra strapping detail to the sides of the cups as pictured. Please note the knickers pictured on the model aren’t included.



Amoralle bandeau halter bra, RRP unknown

Asking price: £15

Size: Small (best suited to smaller cup sizes)

Condition: Worn once, perfect condition



Rebel Madness Cyan underbust corset (steel boned), RRP ~£52

Asking price: £40

Size: 20″ waist (for 22-26″ natural waists)

Condition: Gently used, excellent condition



H&M bralet, RRP unknown

Asking price: £5

Size: EUR 40 / US 10 (fits about a 32D)

Condition: Gently used, good condition



Emma Highfield longline bralet, RRP unknown

Asking price: £10 SOLD

Size: No label, fits like a small

Condition: Fair condition. About 1cm of stitching on the hem has come undone, could be repaired. This was a one-off sample sale piece from a brand that’s no longer around, so very rare!


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0 comment

Alia Moore January 16, 2010 - 5:30 pm

Can I buy the Playful Promises Dominique bra, RRP \A345

Asking price: \A310

Estelle January 16, 2010 - 5:32 pm

Of course, I’ll email you now to arrange payment 🙂

Chandni January 16, 2010 - 7:06 pm

Oh damn, I was going to ask about the Playful promises dominiquebra as well. 🙁

Estelle January 16, 2010 - 7:14 pm

Hi Chandi, it’s not paid for yet so I’ll contact you first if the sale falls through 🙂

Eleisha January 16, 2010 - 10:03 pm

Hello! I’ll take the playful promises corset & sweetheart bra….I’m just waiting on a friend of she wants anything (to combine postage) but I’ll DEF take those.

Savannah January 16, 2010 - 10:58 pm

Hello! I’d love to buy the Playful Promises Ghost Bodysuit if still available 🙂

Estelle January 16, 2010 - 11:14 pm

Hi Savannah, I’m afraid I’ve already invoiced someone for that, but if they don’t pay I’ll contact you first 🙂

Estelle January 16, 2010 - 11:16 pm

Hi Eleisha, I’m not able to reserve items until paid for (as last time I had a few people ask for invoices and then not pay). If you drop me an email at with your address & how you’d like to pay I’ll send you an invoice, and then when your friend’s made her mind up I can send you another invoice with zero postage and send the lot together 🙂

Kaitlin January 16, 2012 - 3:41 am

Hello, would it be possible to get the cup depth and band measurements for the Midnight Grace by Figleaves Paige, Ann Summers Kate bra, and the Kris Line Bonnie bra? I have an in-between size so I am quite hesitant to buy before I know if they have a good chance of working. Thanks so much!

Estelle January 16, 2012 - 8:48 am

Hi Kaitlin,

Unstretched the Midnight Grace band is 26″, the Kris Line 24″ and the Ann Summers 25.5″.

Not sure how to measure cup depth accurately. The best I can say is that the Midnight Grace fits me perfectly in the cup as do Agent Provocateur and Claudette 32DDs usually, but the Kris Line and Ann Summers are far too big for me in the cup and I think they fit closer to a 32E.

Hope that helps 🙂

Alex January 16, 2012 - 11:08 am

I’ll take the Emma Highfield longline please 🙂

Kaitlin January 16, 2015 - 2:39 am

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, though unfortunately I think I’m going to have to pass…they’re pretty so I think they’ll get snapped up soon! Thanks