A Guide to High-Street Lingerie Brands in Spain

by Estelle Puleston

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It’s the last day of my Christmas holiday in Spain (boohoo!) so I thought it was about time I finally finished this draft post that I started last time I was here, in summer. You won’t find an Ann Summers, Boux Avenue or Bravissimo in Spain, but there are plenty of other lingerie chains to explore. Women’secret, Oysho and Selmark are the homegrown ones, and then there a number of Italian and French brands that are popular here too.

Although there may at first glance to be a lot of choice, I find it to be a lot of the same. Spain has a lot of budget-friendly lingerie stores, where you can pick up a bra set for 20-30€, and a dearth of plus-sized and full-busted brands. In fact, it’s not uncommon to walk into a store here and have to really hunt through the racks to find a bra that isn’t a 32B, 34B or 36B. Oysho in particular was founded in 1977 but only introduced C cups to their sizing a few years back, while others such as Tezenis and Women’secret technically go up to a D or DD but what that really means is that they’ll have some plain t-shirt bras at the back of the store in larger sizing, whilst all of the pretty things in the window display come in a B or B-C only.

You will find a couple of brands on the list below that do include larger band and cup sizes in their range, but for those you may be better off looking in an independent lingerie boutique. Those too can be quite different to the UK. Most of the boutiques I’ve visited have been tiny little places with products piled high in white boxes behind the counter, waiting for you to ask for something in particular, but that’s a topic for another post!

As per the title, this list doesn’t include independent boutiques or online-only stores. The below is intended to be a guide to what you will typically find on the high-street, wherever in Spain you decide to visit. Enjoy!

Left to right: Women’secret push up bra (32-36B), reduced to 11.99€, bralette (32-36B), reduced to 11.99€, t-shirt bra (32-36B), reduced to 17.99€

Left to right: Women’secret chemise, reduced to 15.99€, long chemise, reduced to 19.99€, bodysuit, 27.99€


UK Sizes: 30-40 bands, A-DD cups, XS-XXL

Typical price range: 15-30€ for bras, 7-20€ for knickers

Women’secret (I wonder which brand this store is trying to imitate with a name like that…) is one of the most widespread stores, with 271 locations across the country. They have a vast product range, with over 300 bras alone on their website right now, most of which are moulded or push-up styles. For the most part, there’s a lot of smooth microfibre and minimal detailing. The bralettes are where you’ll find some more trend-led design details, but there aren’t many and almost none come in anything other than a B cup.

Women’secret also offers a wide range of nightwear, both of the comfy-PJs-with-a-cute-slogan kind, and the swishy-and-lacy kind. My favourite products from this store have to be their bodysuits and chemises, which were also amongst my favourite pieces from the Spanish high-street in general and super affordable – there are a number in store right now in various sparkly, textured fabrics that I really wish carried through to the rest of their lingerie.

Left to right: Oysho push-up bra (32-38B), 15.99€, bralette (32-38B), 19.99€, push-up bra (32-38 B-C), 16.99€

Left to right: Oysho robe, 49.99€, bodysuit, 29.99€, chemise, 22.99€


UK Sizes: 30-38 bands, B-C cups, XS-XL

Typical price range: 13-26€ for bras, 7-13€ for knickers

Oysho was the first Spanish lingerie store I discovered, and I was shocked to realise that they only stocked 32-38B. They have 190 stores in Spain so this is not a minor retailer! They have since expanded that range slightly but the sizing is still the most limited of all the brands on this list – fewer than half of their bras are available in C cup sizes. Oysho offers a lot of basic, microfibre t-shirt bras, as well as a small range of bralettes and some designs with a little lace detailing.

You will also find a lot of cute, comfy pyjamas and loungewear at Oysho, along with teddies, bodysuits and slinky chemises. Although you will find some nods to current lingerie trends, most of the nightwear designs are simple, classic and timeless.

Left to right: Yamamay push-up bra (32-38B), reduced to 13€, lace bra (32-38 C-D), reduced to 10€, balconette bra (34-38 B-DD), reduced to 15€

Left to right: Yamamay chemise, reduced to 15€, robe, 39.99€, chemise, 49.99€


UK Sizes: 28-38 bands, A-DD cups, XS-XL

Typical price range: 17-40€ for bras, 7-20€ for knickers

Yamamay is an Italian brand with a large presence in Spain, and has a slightly ‘sexier’ image than most of the other brands on this list. There are push-up bras galore and plenty of lace, though you can also find tons of basic seamless and t-shirt bras here. My impression of the stores is a rather chaotic mix of aesthetics, and the quality is not quite to the same level as other stores on this list.

Satin chemises and lace robes are easy to find here, but there are also plenty of cartoon-print PJs if that’s more your thing. You can also find some lingerie-inspired outerwear here (sheer lace tops, lace-panelled leggings etc.).

Left to right: Selmark basque (32-38B), 94.48€, t-shirt bra (32-44 B-DD), 45.49€, lace bra (32-44 B-E), 51€


UK Sizes: 30-48 bands, A-E cups, S-3XL

Typical price range: 33-62€ for bras, 8-34€ for knickers

Selmark is a Spanish brand by origin, with stores across the country as well as abroad. It has the most expansive size range of all the brands on this list in terms of band sizes, although you’ll notice it still only just touches on DD+ sizes. Most bras are moulded though there are a few unlined styles.

Selmark specialises in high-quality everyday lingerie, such as smooth bodysuits and ‘solution’ bras, and shapewear. However their range also includes some more special pieces, such as basques and suspender sets in pretty laces, and overall their aesthetic is simple, classic and elegant.

Left to right: Intimissimi lace bra (34-36B), 29.90€, silk bra (32-36B), 39.90€, push-up bra (34C), 35.90€

Left to right: Intimissimi bodysuit, 25.90€silk slip, 69.90€, satin slip, 45.90€


UK Sizes: 30-38 bands, B-DD cups, S-L

Typical price range: 20-40€ for bras, 9-26€ for knickers

Intimissimi (an Italian brand but popular in Spain) is a step up from stores like Oysho and Women’secret, both in terms of price and quality; it’s a tad more expensive than most, but here you can find silk knickers and some really lovely laces and embroideries. Push-up and plunge bras reign supreme, but you can also find simple lace or cotton bralettes. Sizing is still very limited though – only the plainer bras come in a D cup or above.

I really love Intimissimi’s nightwear selection, and the store I went to dedicated as much wall space to slips and chemises as it did to bras. You can also find nice-quality basics here, for both underthings and loungewear.

Left to right: Etam lace bra (32-38 B-D), 29.99€*, cami-bra (36B), reduced to 27.99€*, plunge bra (32-38 B-D), 32.99€*

Left to right: Etam white bodysuit, 39.99€*, red bodysuit, reduced to 23.99€*, slip, reduced to 23.99€*


UK Sizes: 30-40 bands, A-E cups, S-XL

Typical price range: 20-40€ for bras, 8-30€ for knickers

Hands up Brits, who remembers Etam? This French lingerie chain disappeared from the UK high-street a long time ago, but it’s still going strong in Spain. With pricing similar to Intimissimi, this is another place where you can find some really lovely laces and unusual details without splurging on luxury lingerie.

Etam is particularly good for bodysuits – they have a lot, and a mix of everyday and ‘bedroom’ styles. As for bras they have a good mix of padded vs. unpadded, push-ups vs. bralettes etc. I very nearly bought a bra set in here the other day, which was my favourite thing from a day’s worth of exploring Barcelona’s lingerie stores.

Left to right: Tezenis push-up bra (30-32B), 15.90€, bralette (S/M), 9.90€, fringed bra (34B), 15.90€


UK Sizes: 32-40 bands, A-D cups, XS-L

Typical price range: 10-17€ for bras, 5-10€ for knickers

This is an Italian brand that’s widespread in Spain, and a younger sister brand to Intimissimi (they’re both part of Calzedonia Group, as of course is hosiery store Calzedonia). I would say it’s primarily targeted at older teens, which shows through in the pricing (it’s the cheapest lingerie chain in the country) and the styles (plenty of bralettes with emoji-style patches right now!). As for sizing, although some styles go larger, Tezenis seems primarily focussed on serving a 30-32B customer.

Although there are some pieces online that caught my eye, in store I felt like I was surrounded by endless rows of very plain, dark-coloured push-up bras, plus the odd colourful bralette. Being aimed at a younger market, you will also find athleisure-wear in Tezenis, particularly leggings. I couldn’t find anything I liked in this shop personally, but then I think I’m about a decade older than their target market.

Left to right: Undiz push-up bra (32-36 A-D), 16.95€, bodysuit (XS-XL), 19.95€, sports bra (XS-XL), 19.95€


UK Sizes: 28-38 bands, A-DD cups, XS-XL

Typical price range: 10-20€ for bras, 6-15€ for knickers

Just as Tezenis is the younger sister of Intimissimi, French brand Undiz is part of the same group as Etam but aimed at a younger customer. The Undiz product range however is more ‘fun’ than what you’ll find in Tezenis, with bright pops of colour, graphic prints and, right now, lots of strappy details. This is a place where you can find furry pug knickers with ears, or a Harry Potter bralette. Speaking of which, I was surprised not to see more bralettes – this is primarily a shop for those who like underwire and lightweight padding.

Again, the athleisure trend is key for this store and they stock a sizeable range of lightweight-support sports bras and leggings. As for nightwear, you can find both cartoon-print PJs (lots of them!) and a smattering of lace-trimmed camisoles, chemises and bodysuits. Loungewear is a big thing here too!

Left to right: Hunkemöller Steph padded bra, 42.99€*, Oxana bra, 37.99€*, Diva bra, 33.99€*

Left to right: Hunkemöller lace robe, 49.99€*, Bloom robe, 59.99€*, Amelia bodysuit, 74.99€*


UK Sizes: 32-44 bands, AA-FF cups, XS-3XL

Typical price range: 19.99-49.99€ for bras, 8.99-32.99€ for knickers

Hunkemöller is a Dutch lingerie retailer which has 40 stores across Spain as of late 2022. I’d say it’s the brand on this list with the ‘sexiest’ image, although they do cater to a range of aesthetics. You can definitely shop here for things such as basic t-shirt bras, sports bras and even nursing bras, but they also have a ‘Noir’ collection with a more elegant, upmarket look, plus a ‘Private’ collection featuring sexy, strappy lingerie akin to what you might find in Ann Summers in the UK.

Hunkemöller also sells casual, comfort-focused sleepwear, a variety of satin and lace robes, a small selection of accessories such as stockings and pasties, and swimwear.

Left to right: Calzedonia sparkly socks, 3.95€*, shiny tights, 12.95€*, over-knee socks, 8.95€*


UK Sizes: XS-XL

Typical price range: 3-8€ for socks, 5-15€ for tights

Lastly there’s Calzedonia, an Italian brand that’s everywhere in Spain, which is a specialist hosiery store – I wish we had something like this on the UK high-street! The stores are small but jam-packed with tights, stay-ups, the odd pair of jeggings and lots of socks. Fluffy socks, novelty socks, long socks, ribbed socks – you name it, they’ve got it. The only thing you won’t really find here is stockings.

This is a great place to go to stock up on basics such as plain black tights, but they also have some fantastic fashion items. I was particularly drawn to their sparkly ankle socks, and their black tights printed with stars and little cats!

Have you ever gone lingerie shopping in Spain? What was your impression of the stores and boutiques, and do you have a favourite? 

[Note: A previous version of this article featured Chantelle, who no longer have stores in Spain. Hunkemöller was added to the list in 2022.]

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