Heart-Themed Lingerie for Valentine’s Day 2020

by Eliza Lahey

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. The most playfully controversial day of the year. For something as universally adored as love, it’s a great irony that the day that celebrates it evokes anxiety in so many.

Personally, my favourite Valentine’s Day tradition is more about lasting friendships than grand romantic gestures. On February 13th, I invite all my lady friends to a Galentine’s Day party, where we celebrate friendship and remind ourselves there are many different kinds of love.

In recent years, we’ve started doing a Galentine’s Day gift exchange. Inevitably, the majority of the gifts end up being lingerie (really, is there a better gift?!). It’s a fun way to lift one another up, make each other laugh, and ignite conversations about body positivity and self-love.

Plus, though I enjoy the themes that accompany Valentine’s Day year-round — hearts! candy! giant stuffed animals! — this is the best time of year to really lean into all things cute and girly. So, whether you’re hosting your own Galentine’s Day party, planning for a special night out, or excited to have a glass of wine and a quiet night in, why not indulge in some love-themed lingerie?

Here are 20 lingerie ideas perfect for any Valentine’s Day plans:

Agent Provocateur Tama Hold Ups, £35 (~$45 / ~41€)*

What’s your plan for Valentine’s Day 2020? Does it involve treating yourself to new lingerie?

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Estefani Mendez March 7, 2020 - 7:55 am

Love Love Love the hearts!