2020 Gift Guide: Lingerie from £100-£250

by Estelle Puleston

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Still hunting for that perfect holiday gift? This post is my penultimate gift guide, focussing on lingerie and loungewear in the lower end of the luxury price bracket. If you’re looking for something that costs less, you can find plenty of gorgeous ideas in my under £50 and £50-£99 gift guides.

While my earlier gift guides didn’t include a whole lot of wired bra sets – which come in more sizes and use more components than bralettes, and hence cost more to produce – you will find plenty of them in today’s guide, and in some truly beautiful fabrics. Of course, I’ve also included some of my favourite deluxe bralette sets and indulgent loungewear that might be a bit more aligned with your giftee’s tastes and lifestyle, especially this year!

Here are 22 wonderfully luxurious lingerie gift ideas for December 2020…

Not actually gift hunting and just here to admire some exquisite fashion? Let me know which of these you’d most like to receive on the 25th. If you can pick a favourite that is.

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