Designing the Divaurae Colour Palette: An Interview with Linda Miller

by Estelle Puleston
Divaurae luxury UK handmade lingerie brand

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Remember lingerie brand Divaurae, which I ran a giveaway for last year? Based in the UK and owned by Hungarian designer Linda Miller, it’s a handmade brand that pulls inspiration from a wide variety of sources: retro nostalgia, classic elegance, subtle fetishism, and above all, the unique styles and personalities of those chosen to model it, whom Linda calls her ‘divas’ – her muses.

To learn even more about her design inspirations and general process, I spoke with Linda to discuss colour, cohesion, and creating lingerie that conjures up a specific mood.

What are your thoughts on colour theory as it relates to emotion and perception? Do the colours we wear really affect our mood and how we’re seen by others?

I absolutely think so! There’s a lot of evidence that colour can affect your mood, and there’s also the fact that in lingerie, we tend to associate certain colours with particular occasions – sexy black with ‘date night’, red and pink with Valentine’s romance, white with everyday simplicity or for a bride, and so on. There’s a lot of symbolism tied up in colour, so as a lingerie designer, I have to bear all of this in mind when choosing my fabrics and trims.

On the customer side, different colours can affect how you see yourself, which in turns affects how you present yourself to others. If you’re feeling confident for example, that shows!

Let’s talk more about how you choose those colours. What does your design process look like?

At Divaurae, colour selection really is at the heart of each collection. Each range is inspired by a particular muse – a diva – and I try to capture her unique essence. Colour is a big part of that. The exact same garment can give off two completely different vibes in two different colours.

For example, the Mara collection was based on and modelled by Parisian burlesque star Mara de Nudée. Like Mara’s own style, the lingerie is inspired by the bold sensuality of the 1930s and is sensual but also very playful, with lots of ruffles. I chose a beautiful rose gold-peach which feels very vintage and gives a stunning multi-tonal effect when seen in movement, on stage or otherwise.

Once I have the idea for a collection, I visit fabric stores in person to find the perfect silk, lace or nylon. We don’t order anything from China or other faraway locations – behind all Divaurae materials is a traditional family business based here in Europe, such as in Milan or in Rome, from where you can be sure of superior quality.

Can you tell me about the colour choices for some of the other Divaurae collections too?

Roxanne is meant to represent fiery femininity. It’s pink and pretty, but there’s a little sauciness to the designs too. Haley is all about sweet charm, starting from a soft cream or ecru colour with accents of the lightest pink. Adrienne offers an ultra-feminine Mediterranean style, with light colours and lots of shine to make you think of summer.

Then at the other end of the spectrum, there’s the all-black Roxanne collection and the Céline Amour collection which mixes black with light chocolate brown. They’re still just as elegant, but spicier! The whole mood is very different.

When creating, I also think about the colour harmony between the collections. Each range has its own vibe, but I want there to also be an overarching colour palette that defines the Divaurae brand. It’s all about classic elegance!

So many lingerie brands land on a bestselling style and then start releasing it in a new colour every season. I’m guessing that’s not the Divaurae way?

Exactly. The divas and their collections embody a specific frame of mind or a specific atmosphere, and I don’t want to deviate from this. It was designed in that colour for a reason. This is why you won’t see a palette of colour choices next to the buy button on the Divaurae website.

If I can’t get hold of a specific colour silk for example, and from Italy, I’d rather create a whole new collection based around another diva while I’m waiting to be able to source it again.

You also offer bespoke lingerie, however. How does this affect the colour options available?

Coming back to the colour theory we discussed at the start, it’s also true that we all have our own favourite colours, the ones which make us feel our best. You might feel your sexiest in a bold red rather than black, for example, and I want all of my customers to be able to wear the lingerie of their dreams. So, for bespoke orders, I am always happy to work with the individual customer to discuss colour changes as well as other modifications.

Custom creations like this are given a unique serial number and a new fantasy name; if you change the Roxanne bullet bra from black, it’s no longer a ‘Roxanne’! But it will be something even more exciting – it will be an exclusive, one-off piece made just for you. Though I do want to point out that all Divaurae is handmade especially for the customer, there are no pre-made sets here.

If you’d like to discuss a bespoke colourway in one of the Divaurae collections, you can contact Linda directly by filling out the contact form here.

What’s your favourite Divaurae lingerie collection from those featured here, and which colour would you have it made in if you were buying bespoke?

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