Lingerie Industry Experts: Favourite Trends of 2013

by Estelle Puleston

Welcome to the new, monthly Lingerie Industry Experts column where I’ll be asking a handful of (you guessed it) lingerie industry experts a particular question to get their opinion on everything from the latest trends to styling advice and brands to look out for.

Since the major lingerie trade shows have just taken place (Pure London, Moda, Lingerie Collective and Curve all happened last month) I thought it was the perfect time to get an ‘insider’ opinion on the top trends to look out for in 2013.

However, seeing a great trend on the runway is one thing, but translating it into sellable, wearable lingerie is quite another. So instead of asking about the lingerie trends these women thought would be most popular, I asked them about their favourites – the trends they are going to be buying for themselves.

Here’s what they had to say…

A vintage design in a modern print by Frantic About Frances.

A vintage design in a modern print by Frantic About Frances.

Retro gets a modern update

Vintage-inspired lingerie is not a new trend, but it’s a lasting one. Sara Cooper, a fashion and wardrobe stylist with over 10 years in the industry was adamant that “the love of all things vintage is not going away any time soon“, translating into “lots of lace and bustier styles” for the Autumn/Winter 2013 season. Her top pick? This beautiful Dolce & Gabbana bra in a delicate, retro-inspired rose print.

Beverly Solomon, an ex-lingerie model, vintage-lingerie collection and daughter of a lingerie designer, definitely agreed. “I am happy to say that one trend that is fun is the return to the classic pin-up lingerie – babydolls, garter belts and push up bras, done in wonderfully bright colours and delightfully sheer fabrics“. It’s vintage, but with a modern twist.

Erica Mink, a boudoir photographer who’s seen her fair share of lingerie and likes to keep up to date with the latest trends, loves the current Boudoir Icons range by Victoria’s Secret which “has a slight retro flavour in terms of structure, delicate embroidery and trim, but is cut for the modern, skimpier taste“.

Retro-inspired lingerie, it seems, is here to stay for at least one more season but it is evolving. Whether it’s the combination of a retro print and modern cut or vice versa, the ‘new vintage’ is definitely a favourite trend for 2013.

Shapewear can be sexy as this Shahnaz Bodywear babydoll dress shows.

Shapewear can be sexy as this Shahnaz Bodywear babydoll dress shows.

Smoothly does it

The best lingerie is not just pretty, it’s practical too. If only I could lounge around in my lingerie all day, every day I’d be in tie-sided knickers, textured corsets and all manner of frills and ruffles, but unfortunately lumps and bumps showing through my clothing is not the greatest look.

Beverly agreed, saying that she was “completely taken with the look and feel of the new seamless knickers” and Sara pointed out two favourite trends that played up the practica side of lingerie: high-waisted briefs and bodysuits.

Sometimes we just need more coverage, especially in those form-fitting dresses and nothing can smooth a body out like a body suit. High waisted briefs are a great trend in lingerie too. Not only are they practical, but they can be very sexy too” she told me, and I couldn’t agree more – just check out these hot pink leopard print knickers by Salon Chaton, as worn by Cora from The Lingerie Addict for a pin-up shoot with photographer Edson Carlos!

2013 is a year to have fun and be a little more daring with your lingerie choices!

2013 is a year to have fun and be a little more daring with your lingerie choices!

It’s all in the (daring) details

It seems that everywhere you look, from small indie brands to major designers – and even high-street brands you’d normally associate with ‘conservative’ lingerie – is getting in on the bondage trend right now. There are harness bras, leather accessories and elastic straps galore right now in lingerie land and this is also a trend that looks set to stay!

I asked Ruth Ramsden who illustrated the book Radical Desire which was written by her husband, about the way fetish is inspiring current lingerie trends. “I think the influence of fetish on lingerie has helped designs to be a little more daring, although a lot of what you might call ‘fetish’ style isn’t very practical for every day use – there’s still not much latex or PVC being worn to the office!“.

If this trend isn’t your cup of tea, that’s no reason to let your lingerie take a back seat. Other styles are becoming bolder and more daring too; “neon brights and a little leopard print never hurt anyone” said Erica, which Sara advocated wearing your bra for all to see – stylishly of course! “Bras are no longer meant to be hidden underneath clothes,” she said, “In many cases, designers such as VPL and Alexander Wang are layering bras in bold colours as part of an outfit that is meant to be seen. These lace bras are perfect for layering and peeking out of a tank or tee!“.

So there you have it, 2013’s key lingerie trends according to some industry experts. Do you agree? Are there any other trends you’re loving right now, or would love to see more of? Leave me a comment below!


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