4 Lingerie Trend Predictions for 2024

by Estelle Puleston
2024 lingerie trend predictions

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January completely got away from me, so before we get any further into 2024 and this article becomes a bit redundant, it’s time to share my lingerie trend predictions for the year (well, ten and three-quarter months) ahead!

First though, a look back at last year’s predictions and whether we ended up seeing what I’d expected we would.

Last year’s lingerie trend predictions – right or wrong?

One lingerie trend forecast I gave for 2023 that I felt very confident about was powerful pink, and yep, it was everywhere (and not just in the lingerie world). There are so, so many examples I could share but here are just a few: Gossard launched their bestselling Glossies range in magenta, plus Envy in Neon Pink Glo; Bordelle reimagined their signature Adjustable Bondage Angela Dress in magenta; Agent Provocateur brought out a magenta version of their Rubi*; SKIMS did multiple shades of bright pink throughout the year; and naturally, many indie brands got in on it too, such as Uye Surana, Miss Vivienne and Posie. You get the picture! In fact, Barbiemania went further than just a colour trend with Soreil going viral for a whole Barbie-themed collection complete with miniature replicas modelled on Barbie dolls, and Karen Mabon doing an official Barbie collaboration.

“Pink is certainly the color of the moment in 2023”

Body Magazine
Posie Lingerie pink seashell embroidered longline bra set
Posie Seashell Longline Bra, £135 (~$170 / ~158€) and Brazilian Knickers, £50 (~$63 / ~59€)

I also thought we’d see an increase in options from period underwear brands – more swimwear, more activewear, more lace and colours and prints and unique shapes… One thing I hadn’t thought of was leakproof shapewear, but that’s exactly what Knix brought to the industry last year! Modibodi also added teen dancewear*, and Herloop released one of the prettiest period briefs I’ve seen yet, so we did see some advancements. And it’s definitely still a growing market sector. Additional lingerie brands launched their first period underwear collection in 2023, such as Naturana and Understatement, and it’s catching on outside of the lingerie industry too: Primark recently launched period underwear (including an adaptive style), and Nike launched its first period-proof sports shorts.

Trend #3 on my list was 1980s-esque teddies (and similar legline designs in underwear) and while it never reached major trend popularity, it is a shape I saw pop up again and again through the year. When Agent Provocateur added a bodysuit* to their signature Lorna range in 2023 for example, it was high-legged with frills over the hips. Others included Honey Birdette’s Ophelia teddy, Maison Close’s Rendez-vous bodysuit*, Fleur du Mal’s vintage-inspired Venus Lace Teddy, Toru & Naoko’s Chelsea flutter thong, and some Victoria’s Secret pieces that I forgot to save.

Next up: adjustable ‘strappy’ bra bands. They’re still very much a thing among the independent designers who were already using them, but I can’t think of any brands in particular who have newly switched to this flexi-fit bra design. I was surprised to see it from Aubade on the Sensual Euphoria collection*, since it’s not their usual style, but their use was just decorative rather than intended to make the bra fit a range of band and cup sizes.

[Update: A week after hitting publish on this article, I did find one brand! (ex)teasy launched January 2022 but their bras then had regular, solid bands at the back. They seem to have switched to using strappy designs for adjustability around late 2023, although I’m confused about the sizing; a Harmony bra for example can be bought in size ’32-36A’ and the brand states “Most (ex)teasy styles have adjustable straps on the back of the bra… Therefore, consider the bra cup volume as a primary size marker” yet for a Harmony Amour bra, which looks identical but with appliquéd hearts added, you need to choose 32A, 34A or 36A specifically.]

One trend prediction I was definitely wrong on was the return of very low-rise briefs. After spotting more than usual towards the end of 2022, I thought they might be making a comeback, but I can’t say that many more have caught my eye since. It’s all still high-cut leglines, high waists, and bike shorts!

Now, what’s (probably, in my opinion) coming to the lingerie world in 2024?

Four lingerie trend predictions for 2024

1. Bows, bows, bows!

Bows have been absolutely everywhere in fashion lately, and while general fashion trends don’t always cross over into lingerie, I will be honestly shocked if this one doesn’t. Bows (little ones) are already a staple feature of lingerie design, so designers won’t have to reinvent the bra to get in on this trend – it’s one that will be easy to do, fits in perfectly with lingerie’s often hyper-feminine aesthetic, and is possible at every price point. Specifically, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more garments where the bows are really exaggerated and the star of the show, either because they’re supersized or because there are many of them.

2. Stays-inspired silhouettes

The resurgence of stays – an early version of a corset/bodice with a conical rather than hourglass shape – isn’t a brand new 2024 trend, since it was largely driven by Nextflix’s Bridgerton. However, I am still seeing stays-inspired (especially short stays-inspired) lingerie frequently, particularly since it now seems to have trickled down (up?) from independent designers to larger-scale brands. Stays have even made an appearance in the window of John Lewis!

Note that for this trend, I’m not necessarily talking about historically-accurate ones with tabs at the bottom, but also longline boned bras / short bustiers with a lightly-conical boned shape and squared-off neckline, and perhaps lacing details too. And definitely designed to be seen!

3. Deep berry pinks

Pantone’s colour of the year may be Peach Fuzz, but Etsy’s colour of the year is Berry, a richer and more sophisticated take on the vibrant Barbie pinks that were inescapable through 2023. And I think I agree with them. I am still seeing a lot of really bright, zingy pinks in brands’ Spring/Summer 2024 collections, but this particular shade is starting to feel a bit tired now (Etsy also noted that, in home décor at least, searches for hot pink are starting to plummet) and deeper, more berry-toned pinks feels like a natural progression on from it. Not a whole new trend exactly, but a more ‘grown up’ extension of last year’s one.

Quick side note while we’re on the topic of colour: I’m also seeing a fair bit of pistachio green in upcoming collections.

4. Asymmetry

A last-minute addition to this list while I was writing the article, asymmetry has actually been on one of my lingerie trend reports before, back in 2020. I’m including it again this year because I’m suddenly seeing the same, highly-atypical suspender belt silhouette pictured below from multiple brands, which makes it feel like something that’s going to catch on, as well as seeing other asymmetric details more frequently than usual – Valnue’s Olympia robe with a decorative cuff on one sleeve only, this rather stunning bra by upcoming brand Luuna Mine, and Chantelle X’s new X-Pression bra are just a few examples.

I didn’t see a huge amount of asymmetry in 2020 so I hope it becomes more popular this time round, because I think this trend is a fun one! I do enjoy seeing shapes I’ve never come across before.

Coco de Mer Marella red lace asymmetric quarter cup bra and suspender belt
Coco de Mer Marella 1/4 Cup Bra, 230€ (~£197 / ~$247)* and Marella Open Brief With Attached Suspender Belt, 230€ (~$60 / ~55€)*
Selia Richwood Ivy asymmetric suspender belt lingerie set
Selia Richwood Ivy suspender belt – sold out, similar styles launching soon.

That’s it for my 2024 lingerie trends forecast. Well, there is more that I expect will be popular (even more so than these), but I’m thinking of key industry trends that have been ongoing for quite a while now: bodysuits, bralettes, a focus on sustainability… The truly big trends stick around for much more than a year and these annual lists would get very repetitive if I included them, hence I like to keep the focus on newer trends only. Or returning ones, as is the case for asymmetry!

Do you have any 2024 lingerie trend predictions of your own? Do you agree / disagree with mine? Let’s talk in the comments section!

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