My 10 Favourite Everyday Bras

by Estelle Puleston

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As the title suggests, today I’m sharing with you my favourite everyday bra. I share an annual round-up of my favourite purchases, but this is a little different. For one thing, this is just about bras, but this is also a list of my favourite things that actually get worn on a regular basis.

I have some bras that seem like they’d be perfect everyday options (the Claudette Dessous springs to mind) but are just not comfortable enough, and then there are the super fancy bras that I am absolutely thrilled to own (such as La Lilouche’s Adelle) but which are either too impractical or too delicate to wear very often. So featured here today are those bras that have that elusive combination of fit, comfort and practicality – providing a smooth line under clothing being the main practical issue I care about. Many of these bras I’ve had for a year or more, and they’re always the ones I reach for first when I’m getting dressed for work or a day out.


L’Agent by Agent Provocateur Marisela bra

Buy at The Outnet (UK), Shopbop (USA), Macy’s (USA) or see current eBay listings here

After releasing this bra in a number of colourways, it appears L’Agent has discontinued it – though I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’ll reappear! I’m kicking myself for not buying one (no, three) in every colour, because it’s just so perfect in every way – the mostly-moulded cups don’t show under clothing, the fit is spot-on, it’s wonderfully comfy to wear, and it manages to do all that and look awesome too. Oh, and it was reasonably priced. Dream bra. Read my full review here.


Vivi2Anna Rose Print bra

Buy on Etsy (ships from Latvia)

Vivi2Anna is my favourite indie brand for chic, underwired bras – and one of only two brands that features on this list twice. This Rose Print bra is one of my most-worn bras. The cups are unlined but still create a smooth, rounded shape, and it’s really comfortable to wear. The plunge shape makes it useful for V-necked clothing too. Oh, and it’s currently on sale for under £17! Read my full review here.


Maison Lejaby Nuage 3-part balconette bra

Buy on Figleaves (UK) or Simply Undies (UK)

This is the plainest bra I own, and honestly, I only bought it because I saw it on clearance for £4 somewhere and was curious about Maison Lejaby’s fit and quality. I never in a million years expected it would end up being a bra I wear every single week! Nuage is French for ‘cloud’, and that’s how this bra feels when worn. I’m wearing it right now and even trying to, I can’t feel that it’s there! Not only is this bra ridiculously comfortable, the fit is perfect and it creates a perfectly round, smooth shape that just works under any outfit I want to wear. Do I wish it came in bright pink or a fun print? Sure. But would I buy it again in plain ol’ black? Yes, ten times over. I’m not planning to review it but take this as a cheesy two thumbs up from me!


Agent Provocateur Fifi bra

See current eBay listings here

Fifi was part of Agent Provocateur’s Classics (now called Icons) range, a selection of timeless AP favourites, and I can see why. They brought it out in at least four colourways, and I do hope it makes a comeback! I am also still trawling eBay for a set my size in red. I love this bra because it’s a luxurious design, but not too ‘out there’ for everyday wear, it’s just an elegant and expensive-looking take on a Little Black Bra. The textured fabric works just fine under all but the clingiest of clothing, the bra is comfortable and a close-to-perfect fit, and best of all I’ve owned it since 2013 and it’s still in excellent condition. Read my full review here.


Bras Without Wires Superhero bralette

Okay so full disclosure, I was sent this bra free by the brand. However, I promise the gushing review I gave it at the time was completely honest – this is another bra that I now wear on a weekly basis. No bralette is going to give you exactly the same support – and certainly not the shape – you’d get from a wired bra, but this one comes close to it! The lining is like butter against the skin, and of course I love this it’s glitzy and sparkly as well as being a very practical bra. Bras Without Wires’ website is currently down and has been for a while which is why I haven’t included a link to purchase, but from the looks of things you can contact them via Facebook to buy until they (I hope) get back up and running again properly. Read my full review here.


Lepel Fiore plunge bra

Buy on House of Fraser (UK), Simply Undies (UK), Figleaves (UK), ASOS (UK, USA & more), Belle Lingerie (UK), Lepel’s own site (UK) and many more besides

This is a continuity bra from Lepel so it’s easy-peasy to get hold of, and comes in a whole bunch of colours too. Bright pink is very much my thing, but don’t rule it out if it’s not yours! It’s also regularly on sale. The fit is close to perfect, and the whole bra is super soft so it’s lovely for all-day wear. The cups have removable cookies so you can even out the fit on asymmetrical breasts. Despite the plunge shape, the fancy trim doesn’t make it very practical for wearing with V-necks as those pointy bits show. However, after owning the bra for a year and a half, I’m pleased to say it’s still in excellent condition. Read my full review here.


Dita Von Teese Star Lift bra

Buy at Figleaves (UK), HerRoom (USA), Bare Necessities (USA) or see current eBay listings here

Like the Marisela at the top of this post, the Star Lift bra gives me a smooth shape under clothing even with the wide lace trim. I wouldn’t say it’s the most comfortable bra on this list, but I can wear it all day no problem. This hasn’t been included in Dita’s most recent collection but before that it was released in lots of different colours (and lots of sizes – up to 42F), and it’s still easy to pick up on eBay at the time of writing. Read my full review here.


Vivi2Anna Silver Celebration bra

Buy on Etsy (ships from Latvia)

Here it is, the second Vivi2Anna bra that I cannot get enough of! The cups have an almost full-coverage shape so it only works with higher necklines, but it has a nice and comfortable fit, and offers adequate support for those days when I’m walking all over town. It’s also really well-made and surprisingly affordable, despite the fact it’s handmade. Read my full review here.


Lara Catherine Collections Josaphine bralette

Buy on Lara Catherine Collections’ website (Argentina)

Another disclosure here that I was sent this bra by the designer. It offers no support whatsoever, but that’s fine because sometimes I don’t care about lift and shape, I just want something cute and comfy. This bra fits that bill perfectly. It’s also pretty cheap (£13.99, which is really cheap for handmade) and it’s literally the only bra I own that doesn’t show underneath some V-necked, spaghetti-strapped dresses I have. Read my full review here.


Agent Provocateur Hyacinth bra

See current eBay listings here

This might strike some as an odd choice for an everyday bra – it’s the most luxurious and expensive one that I wear regularly, and the leavers lace is delicate for sure – but it’s just so comfy and with plenty of TLC has lasted me very well. Actually, I snagged the lace for the first time taking this photo! The bra has lightweight lift and support, but most of all I love that it’s a bright splash of colour to pick me up on those grey, too-early mornings. I put this bra on and suddenly I feel a little more put-together and ready for the day ahead. Although it’s now long gone at Agent Provocateur, there always seem to be a few knocking about on eBay (no, those ones using my photo aren’t being sold by me, this bra’s staying firmly in my possession. I just take pretty pictures I guess). Read my full review here.

That’s it for my top 10. Which are your favourite everyday bras, and what’s most important to you about them such as comfort, support, style etc.?

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