Lingerie Review: TKC Design Inc. Electric Dahlia Bralette Set

by Anne Moore
TKC Lingerie review - Electric Dahlia set styled three ways

Disclosure: I purchased this lingerie set myself. 

TKC Design Inc. is a small brand based in Vancouver, Canada, headed by Indian-Canadian designer Taranjit K. Cheema. Cheema studied at Parsons New School of Design in New York, where she utilised her “strong eye for color… to create unique and inspirational pieces”. Her brand is characterised by bold tones, rich embroideries, and sparkle! She describes TKC as “creators of Indian inspired lingerie”.

TKC Design Inc embroidered bralette

Order process

TKC is generally priced by the set, which range from $140-190 CAD (approx. $105-140 USD / 95-130€), though separates are available. Lingerie is not the only offering from the brand – TKC also offers tops, bottoms, dresses, and jackets – so the lingerie shop is only open certain days each month. Once the brand reaches capacity for lingerie orders, the lingerie page is closed again. Lingerie launch dates and times are announced via the TKC newsletter and social media channels a few days before the launch, at which point the storefront becomes available. Orders will be closed through April 2024 while the designer works on a new collection.

Placing my order felt a bit hectic; some of the designs on the storefront were already sold out, and others were listed as “last one!” and only available in certain size ranges due to limited remaining fabric. Because each piece is made to order, customising each piece is easy. TKC encompasses a large size range of XS-3XL and even offers multiple sizes for items such as garters and collars that other brands treat as ‘one size fits all’. If your size is not included in their current range, the brand notes, “please email us at! We love working all bodies!”

Luckily, I was able to snag the last set in a design I’d had my eye on since learning of the brand a few months prior: the Electric Dahlia set.

TKC Design Inc lingerie review - Electric Dahlia set on mannequin

I selected my set, with an L bottom and a 34D bralette, then placed a second order for a few accessories before realising I wasn’t sure which sizes to order. Given the rush of the drop, I deciding to guess and email corrections after the order was placed. The designer very kindly agreed to wait for measurements and even refunded the shipping of the second order. I promptly forgot to take measurements, but the designer reminded me again a few days later. I was impressed with her patience and communication speed throughout the ordering process. I also added a silk lining to the bralette, which is available for all TKC’s designs for an additional fee of $5 USD.

TKC Design Inc lingerie review - the packaging
The TKC unboxing experience.

Three weeks later, my parcels arrived. The items were lovingly packaged with a variety of cheeky, TKC branded stickers. I appreciated the use of parchment paper bags to keep delicate fibres from snagging on the embroideries and beading of the accessories. Each item arrived safe and sound!

TKC Design Inc Electric Dahlia bralette set - two ways to style it
Two ways to style the Electric Dahlia set.

Initial thoughts

Several facets of the set surprised me when I received my order. First, the lace up style closure! The social media photos for the set primarily show the front perspective, and I assumed it would clasp or be a pull-on style garment. I did not click through the product photos on the item page on the day of ordering due to the rush to place my order before the set sold out.

When I unboxed the set, I was initially nervous about the closure style. However, after a day of wear, I can happily report that the garment offers sufficient support for larger breasts. The support comes from the wide elastic under band, which is not overly stretchy. The lace up closure functions more as a decorative feature than a mechanism to add tension to the band.

The second surprise were the decorative laktans at the end of the lacing.

TKC lingerie laktans and tinsel embroidery detail
TKC Design Inc lingerie review - laktans detail
Details of the golden laktans, which each feature three small bells.

Latkans are hanging embellishments, similar to tassels, often used to decorate clothing, hair, and home décor in Indian communities. They come in a variety of colours, sizes, styles, and materials. The ones affixed to the Electric Dahlia set are plastic with metal bells, shaped with rows of expanding, bedazzled bands capped with a gold thread-wrapped, half circle shape that the bell details attach to. However, the bells are not overly noisy and add a pleasant jingle when worn. When under clothing, the sound is completely muffled.

As you can see in the photographs above, the laktans are fixed to rings on the ends of the laces with removable clips. The ring to which the latkan clips is only tied to the lacing; as the brand grows, I would hope that the designer shifts to sewn-in rings for extra security. It is an easy alteration to make, and I plan to hand-stitch mine soon!

A detailed look inside and out

Itchiness is always a concern with metallic embroidery. While most of TKC’s designs feature silk/polyester threadwork, some sets do have tinsel embroidery (including this Electric Dahlia set!). I have extremely sensitive skin and felt nervous placing my order.

TKC Design Inc Electric Dahlia bralette - silk lining
The interior of the bralette, showing the silk lining and serged seams.

I am very glad I opted for the silk lining. While thin, it reduces most of the discomfort I would expect from a tinsel embroidery. The exception is under the arms and along the upper seam. I would recommend the designer consider a bias-bound seam finish for future tinsel styles. The elastic around the edges and at the shoulders is quite thin, though the brand notes that it “will switch up hardware or straps when needed”. Any of the changes I suggest would necessarily increase the cost of the garments due to upgrades in material, increased labor time and skill, and overhead such as specialised equipment.

TKC Design Inc Electric Dahlia Indian-inspired embroidered knickers
TKC Design Inc Electric Dahlia Indian-inspired tinsel embroidery knickers

One notable element of the design is that the featured textile continues around both sides of the knickers. Many other ‘luxury’ brands at higher price points completely ignore the reverse of their knickers, opting for plain mesh or strapping. This attention to detail is a mark of the designer’s thoughtfulness and care to the entire experience of her garments. 

TKC Design Inc mesh-lined knicker interior
Interior of the Electric Dahlia knickers.

The knickers are lined in mesh, not silk, and as such the tinsel is felt more keenly through this garment. Nevertheless, it was not overly uncomfortable during an active day of shopping, running for the bus, and wrangling rogue children.

TKC pieces should be handwashed with cool water or spot cleaned if possible. They may be steamed or ironed on a silk setting and should be laid flat to dry. While not an issue for the Electric Dahlia set, some of the other textiles have glued-on jewels that may fall off when handled or washed.

TKC Design Inc embroidered garter with glued on pearl beads
The Pearl White Garter, XL, which contains glued faux pearl details.

The accessories

I am very impressed with size range of the garters and the generous width of featured textile utilised. Even in the larger sizes, the featured textile extends halfway around the leg. This suggests that the designer does more than simply adding additional elastic length when adjusting for larger sizes, a mark of distinction for their size inclusivity and attention to detail.

TKC Lingerie red embroidered garter
Details of a TKC garter, showcasing bold reds and glimmering metallic embroidery.
TKC Design Inc Indian-inspired Laal red and gold embroidered choker with ring
A progression around the Laal Choker, showcasing the size adaptability features.

Likewise, the Laal choker was offered in multiple sizes and even within a given size accommodates for variation through an adjustable sliding mechanism and two loops of differing lengths.

Final thoughts

TKC is a young brand and will likely continue to change its offerings and finishes as the designer gains more experience with the lingerie market. At the moment, it is fairly priced given the attention to detail and extensive sensitivity towards size variations throughout the ordering experience. The designer sets clear boundaries around their capacity and directly shares what to expect throughout the process on both the product pages and within the FAQ section. My order was well within the expected delivery window and arrived exactly as pictured, with a few bonus items! I will cherish the original sketch and plan to frame it for my boudoir.

TKC Design Inc review - bonus scrunchie and sketch
TKC’s branded paper ephemera alongside two gifts included with my order: a large scrunchy and an original sketch from the designer.

Moving forward, I hope that the designer increases their capacity for lingerie production each month and upgrades a few of the details discussed above. Nevertheless, I do recommend supporting TKC. South-Asian representation is sorely lacking in the lingerie industry, and individual women-owned slow fashion brands like TKC are leading the charge toward increased diversity, empowerment, and celebration. Engaging with these densely embellished textiles is a visual feast—I’m excited to see where TKC goes in the next collection, launching April 2024.

Tell me, which of TKC’s past designs are your favourites? Are there any other Desi-owned brands we should review?

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