Lingerie I Love: Prelude Noir Fatal Collection

by Estelle Puleston

Luxury lingerie brand Prelude has been on the outskirts of my radar for a while, for designing some incredibly beautiful pieces such as this Morea bodysuit. But I hadn’t seen the Noir Fatal collection featured here until I came across it on Naughty Knickers (who, full disclosure, are one of my current advertisers – but this article is not an ad. Just me sharing pretty things I saw!).

Prelude is the premium arm of the Jolidon group, but it’s not wildly expensive. The Noir Fatal thong for example, designed with a deep waistband of Leavers lace, costs just £27 at Naughty Knickers (this collection is not currently sold on Jolidon’s own website), while the matching longline bra is £66. And the most expensive Prelude piece I’ve seen – the bodysuit linked to above, which is crafted from silk, Calais lace and Swarovski crystals – originally retailed for slightly under £300. Those prices are all lower than I would have guessed at, for sure.

It’s hard to pick a favourite from the Noir Fatal collection, but I’m definitely swooning over the high-neck bra (subtly decked out in Swarovski crystals) and high-waist knicker combination. The appliquéd lace fan at the back of the knicker is an especially-pretty touch.

The petal-like shape of this push-up bra is also delightful. Meanwhile, the bodysuit, chemise and crop top are three stunning statement pieces that really show off the beauty of this exquisite lace. And then there’s the Swarovski-embellished body harness, an accessory that has a totally different vibe to the rest of the collection but which still looks incredible paired with certain pieces from it.

I haven’t pictured the entire Noir Fatal collection here, just some of my favourites. You can click through to see more of it on Naughty Knickers, or on French stockist Glamuse which carries a few items that Naughty Knickers doesn’t, such as lacy gauntlets and a Swarovski-strapped bra.

What’s your favourite Prelude Noir Fatal item? And if you’ve ever tried this brand, I am intrigued to hear about the quality given the surprisingly ‘low’ pricing!

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Kimberly April 17, 2020 - 11:46 pm

After seeing your article I ordered the push up bra with the wide lace straps and the Brazilian brief. I wanted the sassy little gloves too but they only had them in one size and I couldn’t find any explanation of the sizing on the website so regretfully passed on them. I just received my order and am impressed so far. The lace is really beautiful and I love the Swarovski crystal accents on the gore of the bra. I wouldn’t have thought such a small detail could be so eye-catching! I’m wearing the bra today and it’s very soft and comfortable too. I haven’t worn the briefs yet but they are gorgeous. I’m a sucker for lace-backed panties! I obviously can’t speak to how they’ll hold up long term but my initial impression is that I’m really pleased with the purchase. I’ll put the chemise on my wish list!

Estelle Puleston April 22, 2020 - 12:24 pm

Thank you for leaving a review! When my tax return comes in I am thinking of treating myself to a set from this collection too (can’t decide which yet), so glad to know it’s beautiful in real life too 🙂