Lingerie I Love: Keòsme’s ‘Woven Elastic’ Dominata Collection

by Estelle Puleston
Keosme Dominata Nirvana Floralle gold elastic bondage bralette and skirt

Some of you may recall my Keòsme Augusta dress review back in 2020 – it’s truly one of the most special pieces I own, and just seeing it in my wardrobe makes me happy even if I find very little occasion to wear it. (The belt accessory from my Keòsme Dominata Bersèra swimsuit on the other hand is something I’m still wearing very regularly half a decade after I got it. I love it!)

Keòsme is the name of the luxury line produced by YesUndress, whose feather garters recently caught my eye and led me to browsing their website for the first time in a little while, which is how I came across all of these newer iterations of the ‘lattice elastic’ technique used on both that dress and belt. While the idea of an all-elastic lingerie dress/skirt certainly isn’t original, this method of horizontal and vertical strips that are woven together is what makes Keòsme different. I can’t recall seeing anything else like it.

All of these items state “92% handmade” in the product description and I’m curious to know exactly what they mean by that. (Side note: while YesUndress’ description format is akin to that found on the lowest-effort dropshipping websites, rest assured that these products are unique to this brand and produced in Ukraine where the company is based). I’m going to guess that it means 92% of the work is done without even the use of a sewing machine, because weaving all of those elastic ribbons together must be an incredibly time-consuming endeavour! This Instagram post suggests that each piece can take as much as 170 hours.

For that reason, I’m not surprised to see that they’ve adjusted their prices upwards since my 2020 review, when you could get the dress I tried for $350. While the prices here may not seem that much higher, or are even slightly lower, they’re actually sale prices and 50% off the original (it’s mentioned on the homepage and in a few Instagram posts, even though you wouldn’t know it from the product pages).

So if you love these Keòsme pieces as much as I do, this truly is an excellent time to buy one. I can absolutely vouch for the quality! There’s even more to see than what’s pictured below in the full ‘Dominata’ collection, including belts if you’re looking for a more affordable accessory option.

Are you aware of any other lingerie brands using this woven-elastic technique? What do you think of the aesthetic?

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