The New Bra for Sheer and Backless Clothing: Wild Parsley’s Multiback Bra

by Estelle Puleston

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Wild Parsley.

When it comes to wearing sheer, low-backed or backless clothing, women have a few lingerie options: go braless,  have your bra on show, or opt for one of the various solution bras out there designed for just such a situation.

There are bras with low bands, bras with clear bands, and ‘stick on’ bras with no band at all. However they all have one thing in common – the aim is for them to stay hidden away. Lingerie company Wild Parsley however have taken the opposite approach and designed a brand new type of solution bra that’s simply made to be seen.


Freeway Bra by Wild Parsley

Freeway Bra by Wild Parsley


The Multiback bra is a bra with a detachable, interchangeable band at the back which means you can pick a band to best complement your specific outfit. You buy the cups separately as a one-off purchase (£38, sizes 32B-38E) and then buy as many individual bands as you like (£14 each in cotton) which are currently available in classic black, various block colours and a number of prints including leopard, polkadots and floral.

You can incorporate the bra into your outfit in a way that makes a statement, by opting for a bold, contrasting colour or print. Alternatively, and much like other solution bras that try to make you look like you’re not actually wearing one, you can pick a Multiback band that’s the same colour as your top or dress so that it just seems to be a part of it and not a bra at all.

The difference with the Multiback bra however is that you’re still getting the full support of wearing a high-backed bra, making this an ideal choice for women with a fuller bust or those who just like the shape and lift a regular bra gives them. The bands have also been made a little wider on the larger cup sizes (32DD+, 34D+, 36C+ and 38B+) to provide additional support.




Wild Parsley have also thought through other aspects of making this bra great solution-wear: the straps can be attached at two different places at the front of the bra as well as two places on the band, plus there is also a halterneck strap provided, so you can keep the straps hidden away under the majority of clothes.

The Multiback bra is Wild Parsley’s first garment designed in-house and sold under their own brand. Currently, there are 12 cotton Multiback bands available, however in October the company will be launching an additional 12 bands in block-coloured silk, and they also have plans to launch lace and embellished bands later this year for those who are in need of a solution bra for a special occasion or eveningwear outfit.

The cups and bands are all available to buy here.




Wild Parsley were kind enough to send me a Multiback bra to try it out for myself, so if you’re interested in this bra keep an eye out for my full review which will be posted shortly! [Update 03/10/14 – you can now check out my review here]

What do you think of the Multiback bra? What type of bra (if any) do you wear under backless, sheer or low-backed clothing?


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jennifer mace October 14, 2001 - 12:39 pm

The pictures at the top look really cheap like a diy job.

Estelle October 14, 2002 - 8:42 pm

Hi Jennifer, I’ll be reviewing the bra on the blog tomorrow including close-up photos so you can see the detail and better judge the quality 🙂