How to Make a Stick-On Bra Last Longer

by Estelle Puleston

Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by KISSBOBO.

Last month I introduced KISSBOBO on the blog and spoke about when you might want to wear an adhesive bra, such as with backless outfits that call for a clever lingerie solution when you want to wear a bra but keep it hidden.

Now, let’s go over some care instructions. As anyone who’s ever owned a pair of hold-ups will be able to attest to, silicone doesn’t last forever. Improper wear, washing or storage can lead to a silicone bra falling off mid-wear (awkward!) or even being ruined permanently.

How to wear an adhesive bra

Make sure your skin is completely clean and dry before putting an adhesive bra on. Moisturiser, perfume and talcum powder all reduce the adhesive effect by bonding to the silicone.

Once you’ve put the bra on, smooth out each cup with your hand to make sure there aren’t hidden air pockets and it’s securely stuck down. KISSBOBO provides instructions on how to put an adhesive bra on at minute 1:30 in this YouTube video (note: may be NSFW) – the English translation’s not great but it should be clear enough!

Too many attempts to reattach the cups so that the position is just right can reduce the adhesiveness, meaning you’ll need to wash the bra before you can try again. So if you’re buying a stick-on bra for the first time for a particular occasion, it’s a good idea to practise putting it on a day or two beforehand.

Sweat will also affect the adhesion. Obviously, this isn’t a bra to do sport in, but it’s something to bear in mind if, for example, you’re hoping to wear one with a backless wedding gown and are getting married on a hot, tropical beach somewhere.

How to wash an adhesive bra

It’s imperative that you wash an adhesive bra after every wear. Oils from your body will reduce its stickiness so to remove them, gently rub a mild soap (alcohol-free, and ideally fragrance-free) onto the adhesive side and rinse under warm, running water. Hot water can damage the silicone, as can any kind of heat so no popping this in a tumble dryer or using a hair-dryer!

Instead, to dry your bra hang it away from direct sunlight and radiators. Don’t try to dry it with a towel as you’ll just get little bits of towel fluff stuck all over it and need to wash it again. If anything does get stuck to it, don’t try to scratch it off with a fingernail as you may damage the silicone. Rinse it off instead.

Also note that you can’t dry-clean a silicone bra.

How to store an adhesive bra

Be sure to keep the adhesive side of the cups covered when your bra isn’t being worn, so they don’t gather dust. KISSBOBO provides a sheet to do this, or you can pop them inside a zip-loc bag.

Again, heat can degrade the silicone so don’t store your stick-on bra in a drawer by a radiator, or where it’s going to get a lot of sunlight.

An adhesive bra will eventually lose its stickiness and need replacing, but care for it well and you could feasibly wear it dozens of times before that happens!

Have you ever worn a stick-on bra? If you own one, how do you care for yours?


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