Amoralle Sale – Top Picks for June 2016

by Estelle Puleston

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The onset of summer means two things – it is far too hot for being England right now (I’m practically living in thin robes at home), and tons of lingerie brands are running sales!

I’ve recently created a new Lingerie Sales page on the blog that I’ll be updating every few days with new sales that I come across, but I also wanted to share a few of my favourite pieces from my favourite sales with you as usual. So, first up, Amoralle!

Now, I’ve had mixed experiences buying from Amoralle (reviews here and here) but one thing that remains steady though is my unwavering love of their aesthetic. Their gowns especially are incredible and just oh-so-glamorous and luxurious. It’s definitely worth checking out their whole boutique, but if your budget will only stretch to a sale purchase then here’s my run down of the prettiest pieces and best bargains available right now. The Amoralle sale ends tomorrow, June 9th.



Satin nightdress with velvet bow

Was €290, Now €87 (~£68 / ~$99)

Nightdresses don’t get more glamorous than this right?! The front features a plunging neckline and is slit to the thigh at one side. I imagine this dark, greyish-green gown would look just as good for a fancy evening event as it would worn as a nightdress.


Sheer slip skirt with lace

Was €99, Now €29.70 (~£23 / ~$34)

I love sheer slips – a great way to add an extra layer whilst still showing off the gorgeous lingerie below! This one is especially pretty with the wide lace trim, and would look lovely poking out from the hemline of a slightly shorter skirt.


Sapphire velvet nightdress

Was €240, Now €72 (~£57 / ~$82)

I wasn’t sure whether to picture the front or the back of this nightdress because they’re both so lovely, but oh, those tassels! I adore velvet lingerie and nightwear because it always looks luxurious, but the lace trim on this nightdress is equally beautiful.


Sapphire bralette and high-waisted knickers

Was €108, Now €32.40 (~£25 / ~$37)

Another one for those who love navy blue, this simple but incredibly chic bra set has some lovely details like the bow at the back of the bra and the one at the front of the knickers (which looks like it could be tied at the back also).


Burgundy velvet and lace bodysuit

Was €169, Now €50.70 (~£40 / ~$58)

Did I mention that I love velvet? I love body-skimming, stretch velvet even more so, which makes this pretty close to my dream bodysuit – especially when you take note of that glorious lace neckline and the huge bow it has at the back!


Bordo satin and lace camisole

Was €79, Now €23.70 (~£19 / ~$27)

This lovely little camisole, made from dusky pink satin and with an extra-wide lace trim, looks luxurious in a chic, understated way. I would be buying myself one if I weren’t currently buying all my lingerie at full-price. It also comes in a light-chocolate colour.


Silver satin maxi nightgown

Was €298, Now €89.40 (~£70 / ~$102)

One more floor-length nightgown to finish! This modern-looking silver satin is trimmed with dark grey velvet and burgundy cups, with a small puddle train at the back. Also a piece you could feasibly wear for a glamorous night out as well as in the boudoir!


There’s plenty more to check out in Amoralle’s sale, and you can view everything here. Just remember, it ends tomorrow so you haven’t got long if you see something you like!

Do you like any of these pieces? Are you a fan of Amoralle?


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