Minimalist Lingerie: Opaak’s Framed Allure Collection

by Eliza Lahey

Opaak is a German lingerie brand that specialises in elegant, sporty designs and sustainable fashion. The brand was founded in 2017 by Agathe Muffert, whose aim was to create cool, modern lingerie without bows, flowers, or decorated lace. Rather than exaggerated fabrics or decorations, Opaak focuses on clean lines.

The brand’s ability to create eye-catching designs with simple patterns is beautifully demonstrated in their new collection, Framed Allure. Launched in December 2018, Framed Allure features gorgeous lingerie that doubles as outerwear.

Lee Cropped Top, 125€ (~£110 / ~$141) and Fey High-Cut Brief, 68€ (~£60 / ~$77)

Opaak’s manifesto states that the brand aims to inspire confidence, and the pieces are designed to be complimentary and comfortable. The new collection features 15 articles of lingerie: the same seven designs in both black and purple colorways, as well as Opaak’s signature Shelly Leg Straps to tie the sets together.

Shelly Leg Straps, 38€ (~£33 / ~$43), pictured with the set above.

As Opaak expands its styles and colourways in new collections, these leg straps remain the same. They are adjustable and can be hooked onto any of the brand’s briefs or bodysuits. Not quite garter belts, these leg straps won’t hold your stockings up, but they do add a sexy, modern layer to Opaak’s lingerie sets. The neat lines and contemporary designs of the Framed Allure collection pair with them perfectly.

Ewa Long Sleeved Body, 215€ (~£188 / ~$243)

Vertical and horizontal stripes are prevalent throughout the collection, framing the figure in a flattering way. Sheer fabric is another theme in this collection, creating a mouth-watering mix of sex appeal and modesty.

The Ewa Long Sleeved Body, for example, is more modest than it appears at first glance. The beige mesh underneath the top section is meant to create an illusion of nudity, and the bikini-area is covered with opaque fabric. (On the purple Ewa bodysuit, the mesh is black).

The only parts of the bodysuit that actually reveal skin are on the stomach, back, and arms. This makes it perfect for outerwear. The ability to mix fabric that looks sheer with fabric that actually is sheer also defines this collection.

Kim Ouvert Brief, 65€ (~£57 / ~$73)

Kate Padded Soft Bra, 98€ (~£86 / ~$111) and Hannah Regular Brief, 63€ (~£55 / ~$71)

Opaak introduces something new in Framed Allure that we haven’t seen them use before: the colour violet. Up until this point, the brand has been very particular about its use of colours—or lack thereof. The earlier Perforation Couture and Graphic Lace collections feature only black and white designs, while the Ink and Sheer Outline collections brought in the primary colors of red and blue.

Black remains a vital colour of the Framed Allure collection, but suddenly a royal purple has come into play as well. It’s a truly stunning color, and especially eye-catching when combined with the abrupt angles of these designs.

Kate Padded Soft Bra, 98€ (~£86 / ~$111)

While I adore the Piet Mondrian-like colourblocks of previous collections, Framed Allure is my favorite. I’m especially fond of the the Lee Cropped Top and Fey High-Cut Brief paired together. The high-cut briefs are particularly impressive in the back, where vertical and horizontal stripes meet for a flattering look.  The pops of black bordering the violet make them appear sleek and futuristic.

Opaak designs its lingerie to be seen. Any of their pieces can be worn as outerwear. Pieces such as the Kate Padded Soft Bra and the Jil Underwired Bustier could even pass, visually, for high-end sports bras, as they feature what the brand describes as “elegant-sporty silhouettes”.

Jil Underwired Bustier, 115€ (~£101 / ~$130)

One of Opaak’s tenets is sustainability, and they use cotton and recycled fabrics in their designs.  A German company, Opaak creates and sources all of its products in the European Union. With 100% cotton gussets on briefs, and the rest of their clothes made from soft, stretchy polyamide, these pieces are designed with comfort in mind.

In the current lingerie industry, Opaak’s minimalist designs are a breath of fresh air. They have abandoned the traditional lace and floral patterns used exhaustingly throughout modern lingerie. Instead, Opaak stands unique in its boldness and its simplicity.

What is your favorite piece from the Framed Allure collection? Would you wear these designs as lingerie or outerwear?

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