Lingerie Gift Ideas for Under £50

by Estelle Puleston

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Oh yes, it’s that time! I think, anyway. I feel quite out of touch with when normal people do their holiday shopping, because in my house I begin around July time to spread the cost, while my partner goes on a rushed gift-buying spree on December 23rd or 24th. But if you are starting yours now and looking for some inspiration, I’m here to help.

This is the first of three lingerie gift guides I’ll be publishing this year, and focusses on the most affordable items. Everything on this list is below £50, but prices go right down to around £8. So there really is something for every budget.

When I’m researching pieces to include in this budget-friendly gift guide, I’m not just looking for low prices however. Everything that’s featured below is there because I think it offers particularly good value for money. There are linen PJs. A full-length satin robe with a striking print. Gorgeous bra sets, including ones for plus and full-bust sizes. And that £7 item? It’s a pair of knickers with a satin lining and detailed embroidery.

A few of the items on this list are handmade and may be made to order, so be sure to double check delivery times and order as early as possible. The same goes even if it’s from a big retailer – you don’t want postal delays ruining your holiday!

Will you be treating someone to one of these lingerie gift ideas, or have you perhaps seen something you’d love to receive yourself?

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