7 More Beautiful, Luxury Robes Brands

by Estelle Puleston

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Three years ago I wrote a post rounding up seven brands making some of the most stunning luxury robes available to buy online. And since many of us are set to spend the foreseeable future indoors, now seemed like a good time to do a follow-up post with seven more. Be sure to check out the original list too if you haven’t seen it – it’s full of incredibly beautiful things.

I love a good robe. There’s just something so easy about them – a single, uncomplicated piece that you can throw on and be comfortable, glamorous, and fully-dressed (for home, anyway) in seconds. And as I mentioned in the earlier article, they tend to be very flexible on fit too, so chances are you can keep wearing whatever robe you buy now for years and years to come.

In the 2017 article, I asked readers which other deluxe robe brands they’d add to the list. Three of the names here are from those suggestions, so feel free to comment if I’ve still missed one of your favourites, and perhaps I’ll do one more round-up while we’re still in quarantine.

1. Layneau

Layneau may not have many robes to choose from, but every one they do have is utterly breathtaking. While the lacy styles are dripping with classic glamour, it’s their silk-velvet Contessa Grand Robe with silk-charmeuse lining that’s truly the stuff of dreams – literally, I have dreamed about this robe! It gives off such ‘lady of the manor’ vibes, and I can only begin to imagine how utterly cosy and comfy it must be. But if you want it, be fast – there’s currently only one colour and one size remaining.


Good fashion can amount to so much more than just mere clothing, and MENG’s robes are literal works of art. The brand, which was founded by Meng Zhang, describes itself as “first and foremost, an artistic project”. Inspired by her Eastern heritage, the designer turns beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations into large-scale silk prints, which come to life on the body as these flowing, drapey lounge pieces.

3. Sarafina Dreams

A lounge piece by Sarafina Dreams has long been on my wishlist. Handmade in Florida, these robes are amongst the most affordable ones in this article. Instead of utilising premium fabrics which would push her prices up, designer Janie takes pretty-but-inexpensive fabrics and makes them feel luxurious by using a lavishly-generous amount on each creation. The end result is robes that looks gloriously swishy and diaphanous, and puddle at the floor around your feet. Many have a matching lounge dress available to complete the look.

4. Christine

Designer Christine Morton is inspired by “the look of romance from long ago”; alongside being a designer, she’s also a collector of vintage lingerie. She focusses on loungewear – robes, chemises, gowns and kaftans – and has a special love for richly-detailed, digitally-printed silks. The brand also tends to cut its silk pieces on the bias, a fabric-intensive technique that increases the cost, but which results in a fabulous drape you just wouldn’t otherwise get.

5. Olivia von Halle

Inspired by the glamorous lounging pyjamas of the 1920s, Olivia von Halle is a luxury loungewear brand with a twist. Made from premium-grade 19 momme silk, you’ll find some ‘classic’ styles here such as plain navy satin or pretty florals. However, there are also many prints that are far more unexpected, from cartoonish mushrooms to large-scale panthers. It’s a brand that’s most definitely luxurious, but also fun.

6. Talulah Blue

Both burlesque-inspired and vintage-inspired, this handmade brand was founded by burlesque performer and costumier Talulah Blue. Her robes typically feature billowing sleeves and a fancy embellished clasp to fasten, and are made from vintage fabrics. But what makes them extra special is that each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation. Although I have picked out two of her pricier creations to feature here, Talulah Blue currently has robes available from as little as £58. So while perhaps not ‘luxury’ in the truest sense, the ornately-embellished fabrics that she favours and the glamorous silhouettes that she creates definitely give these robes an air of decadence.

7. Jane Woolrich

There’s something delightfully ‘old fashioned’ about this brand’s creations. Some pieces bring to mind the 1930s or 1950s, while others seem to be inspired by eras much further back in history than that. There are a few things to love about Jane Woolrich, besides the aesthetic. One is the expansive size range – a rare thing in the luxury lingerie world – with select pieces available up to a 5XL. Another is that you can choose from a wide variety of fabric colours for your purchase. And lastly, many Jane Woolrich pieces are available in both silk and polyester versions to suit your budget.

Which of these beautiful robes would you most love to own? If money were no object, I’d definitely plump for the Layneau Contessa. But since that’s sold out in my size, the velvet Christine one with the fancy belt tassels also has my name all over it…

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Kimberly April 2, 2020 - 2:52 pm

Hi, I stumbled across your blog last night and spent quite a bit of time perusing it as a welcome distraction from the current news. There certainly are some gorgeous creations displayed here. My favorites are the Meng pieces. Outside my budget, sadly, but what glorious eye candy. I like the vintage glamor feel of the Jane Woolrich pieces too.

Estelle Puleston April 3, 2020 - 10:45 am

Welcome! ^_^ Glad I could provide some distraction. Maybe I will do a whole feature on Jane Woolrich at some point, they have a TON of incredibly glamorous and unusual pieces but I so rarely see people talking about them.

Gabby April 14, 2020 - 8:17 am

Kim and Ono make similar robes to the Meng ones shown at a far lower price point. I have one and I absolutely love it!