Lingerie Lust List – 16/03/2013

by Estelle Puleston

Here is the third weekly lust list – a day late unfortunately, but still full of breathtaking lingerie! I struggled to trim it down to just three pieces this week; by Tuesday I’d already picked out what I thought was going to be the next selection but I discovered some new designs (and designers) in the last few days and one of them simply had to be included…

1. Murmur Nymph Harness (Price unknown) – pictured above

I’d never heard of Murmur until I spotted them on Twitter earlier this week, and it looks like I’ve really been missing out! They’ve been designing clothing and lingerie since early 2011 but many of the pieces are in-between – I can’t work out if I’d wear their Zelt dress in the bridal suite or walking down the aisle!

The Nymph harness though is definitely lingerie, and I love it! It’s hard to tell from this photo but the whole thing is dotted with gold eyelets threaded with white tape, and my favourite part of all is the leg garters at the bottom. Unfortunately you can’t buy it online so I can’t see a price, but I did find their Peppermint harness on sale for £129 – it’s a similar style but without the eyelet detail so you can expect the Nymph harness to be more expensive.


2. Nichole de Carle Bra and Knickers (Price unknown)

This is another one without a price, this time because it hasn’t actually gone on sale yet – it’s from the brand’s Autumn-Winter 2013 collection – but it’s absolutely definitely on my shopping list for when it does eventually get released to the public!

I’ve always loved Nichole de Carle’s unique style, but I think this might just be my favourite design yet. I love the art deco style but above all I love the colour scheme – a rich, burgundy purple with white and cream lace accents. Simply devine!


3. Bordelle Angela Bondage Dress (£581 + VAT)

Lingerie doesn’t get much more luxurious than Bordelle, but if I had to pick just one piece from their website I think it’d be this Angela dress (unless it was for my wedding, in which case it would have to be the ivory version) which is constructed from soft satin elastic topped with a leather harness and rings plated in 18-carat gold. I told you it was luxurious!

I can’t wait to show you next week’s list, which is already being worked on! In the meantime, which of these three beauties is your favourite lingerie set?


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