Dear Kandee Gem: A-Cup Lingerie and DD+ Swimwear

by Jennifer Pierre

Our columnist and designer Jennifer from Jennifer Pierre is back to answer some more of your questions. Today, she’s advising on lingerie that’s flattering for smaller chests and swimwear that’s supportive for larger chests.

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Flattering A-Cup Lingerie

I’m looking for some new lingerie that’s flayttering to a small (A cup) chest – can you recommend any good brands or styles?



Hi Anna,

Thanks for being part of the lingerista column Gem! So, you’re looking for some new lingerie to be flattering and sexy at the same time. Bras come in many different sizes and shapes, including ones where you can have them filled inside with pads, and even bras that have the shape of hands being cupped to your breast. Pretty weird, huh? But when it comes to lingerie, comfort is a must.

So, bras I would recommend for you are demi cup and half demi cups. These bras would give the appearance of a fuller chest without having a full cup. There are a couple of bras from my collection that would hold you plus shape you to your liking. Take a look at the Neon and Beige Me bras – these have a little padding which can also be taken out yet still look full.

If you have any problems don’t hesitate to ask.

Lingerista to the rescue,

xx KandeeGem xx


Supportive DD+ Swimwear

Hi Jennifer,

I love your designs! I was wondering if you have any advice on choosing swimwear that’s supportive for DD plus? Should I buy bra-style tops or halter neck ones?

Thank you!

Kerry x

Hi Kerry,

Thanks for joining the column Gem.

Swimwear, swimwear. It can be tricky but easy. With one-piece swimsuits and bikinis, I would prefer bra-style tops just because when you are fuller up top, a halter can make your breasts ‘bunch up’, leaving you uncomfortable and giving you a funny-looking tan in the middle of your chest. You can get bra styles that adjust or tie. Some swimwear tops have wires or cushioning inside the swimwear which is very comfy and supportive.

Find the swimwear that’s the most comfy. My test for you would be to stand in front of the mirror when trying on swimwear and jump up and down, as if you were playing volleyball on the beach! Try on different tops or swimsuits and see what holds, then you’ll know which is most supportive.

Hope this helps. Keep me posted!

xx KandeeGem xx

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