Splurge or Save? Agent Provocateur vs. Ann Summers Fuchsia Silk and Black Lace Bra

by Estelle Puleston

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Agent Provocateur is by far my favourite lingerie brand for ‘classic luxury’, but the past year or so I’ve been more and more impressed with Ann Summers’ range. They’ve gone from producing somewhat tacky lingerie to creating some really, really beautiful designs that look far more expensive than they are (well, and still some tacky pieces).

I’ve kept coming back to Ann Summers’ Neva bra lately even though it’s not available in my size because it’s just so pretty! It wasn’t until today though when I was browsing the Agent Provocateur site that I suddenly realised why I like it so much – it really reminds me of their Maddy bra which I spotted and wanted a while back.

See for yourself above how similar the two bras are!

Both bras feature sheer, black lace cups with hints of fuchsia pink silk at the edges, and are topped with a bow at the centre of the bust. They’ve both got the same sheer black mesh back too. So what’s different? Although the pink highlights on both bras are made from silk, the lace on the Maddy bra is higher quality; it’s French leavers lace, although I do love the pattern and the scalloped edging on the cheaper Ann Summers lace almost as much! I prefer the straps on Agent Provocateur’s bra however – silk overlaid with lace which looks oh-so-deluxe.

Ann Summers’ Neva bra is currently on sale – it was £26.00 – which puts it at roughly one sixth of the price. That’s a pretty big price difference! So which bra do I recommend? Personally, I think they’re both gorgeous so it really depends on your budget. The Agent Provocateur Maddy is beautiful if you can afford it, but the Ann Summers Neva is a bargain for £18.20 and a great alternative for those on a budget.

Which of the two bras would you buy?


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Anonymous August 14, 2012 - 1:47 am

I’ve just bought the Ann Summers bra (\A310, now) and it is lovely. Not had chance to wear it yet, but loved the look when I saw this article and it just called to me from the shop yesterday.
I had to go a band-size up in order to get a cup-size big enough, but on initial try on, it was very comfy. Will report back when I’ve worn it 🙂

Estelle August 14, 2012 - 1:48 am

A bargain for \A310! I really wish they had made it in my size, I would absolutely have bought it 🙂