Splurge or Save? Damaris vs. Free People Lace V Bra

by Estelle Puleston

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Damaris (and their Mimi Holliday line) is one of my favourite brands in terms of style, although I wasn’t impressed with the fit last time I bought from them – I do have another Mimi Holliday set on the way though so we’ll see how that one fits! They have some really unusual designs and shapes such as the The Nut Cracker PVC bra (I never thought I’d like clear PVC, but this is pretty!), the Kitty Bow bra (featuring the same V-shape as the bra in this comparison) and the Bon Bon Rose bra (you rarely see elongated cups like this – my sister has this bra and it’s gorgeous).

However the style I’m most drawn to is their ‘V’ bras, something of a signature look in their current collection as there are tons of variations and colourways to choose from. Aside from Gossard’s Retrolution line, I’d never really seen bras this shape before but within a couple of days of first spotting them I also came across a really similar bra by Free People over on ASOS.

The lace looks thicker on the Free People Tiny Daisy Lace bra and the V-shaped plunge in the centre is less pronounced, but these are nonetheless very similar bras! The Damaris Medusa bra is made from silk and French lace, whilst the Free People bra is a standard, stretch-nylon fabric.

So, which to go for? I’d say it depends on why you want this bra – if you’re intending to use it as a plunge bra to wear with low-cut necklines, the wider V on the Damaris bra will ensure it won’t be seen. If you want to indulge in great-quality fabrics, the Damaris is also the better choice. However, if it’s just the look you like, the Free People bra is half the price!

Which of the two bras do you prefer and why?


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