Splurge or Save? Juju Lingerie vs. Mimi Holliday Pink & Green Knickers

by Estelle Puleston

Earlier today I stumbled across an amazing new lingerie brand – Juju Lingerie. Their debut collection, Varied Flirt, has lingerie and nightwear all in an unusual colour palette of pea green and pink. They’re not colours I would have thought to put together myself, but the result is beautiful!

Then, for not having seen this colour scheme in lingerie before (that I remember anyway), just a few hours later I came across the Wizz Bang collection by Mimi Holliday in the Dolci Follie sale in the same two colours.

Plus, both ranges include a pair of knickers with criss-cross ribbon lacing up the back.

The Juju Lingerie knickers are made from a combination of silk satin and printed silk chiffon, with a beautiful embroidered trim at the front. The Mimi Holliday knickers are made from silk too, with lovely floral lace below. So, they’re both made from luxury fabrics, they’re both the same colour and they both have the same key feature in the ribbon lacing – which pair then are best?

Personally, if I were just buying a pair of knickers I’d go for the Mimi Holliday Wizz Bang pair; both pairs are equally gorgeous and equally luxurious, but the Mimi Holliday knickers are less than a quarter of the price. However, if I were buying a full set (and I always buy a full set), I love the rest of Juju Lingerie’s Varied Flirt collection which includes all sorts of bras, camisoles, nightwear and accessories to choose from to complete the look.

So for me, if I had the money, this one would be a splurge!

Which pair of knickers would you choose?


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