Wolford Outlet Sale: Top 15 Picks

by Estelle Puleston

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links.

Now that my self-imposed lingerie buying ban for July is over (though, ahem, I might have snapped something up in the L’Agent sale at the end of the month because it was a really, really great deal), and the British summer appears to have already been and gone, I thought I’d treat myself to some new hosiery. A relatively low-cost indulgence but one that adds a polished touch to your outfit – a bit like how I used to shop in Accessorize when I couldn’t afford new clothes!

I bought some coloured-top stockings that I’ve been admiring for years and only recently found a lingerie set that would match with them, and then I spotted Wolford’s brand new outlet shop. My previous experience with this luxury hosiery brand was pretty bleh – nothing at all wrong with the product, but nothing to write home about either – so I’ve been waiting for a sale to try a few more products.

I just picked up the amazing Bootlace tights and the pretty Ekaterina tights to indulge my new-found love of net hosiery. There’s so much at such awesome prices though that I just had to share my 15 favourites with you…



Starlight tights with Swarovski elements – Was £125, Now £62


Bootlace ribbon tights – Was £80, Now £15


Delia knee-high socks – Was £19, Now £4


Mimi floral tights – Was £31, Now £8


Zip metallic tights – Was £62, Now £31


Paradis tights with gold fasteners – Was £52, Now £15


Rice Dots polkadot tights – Was £31, Now £8


Scarlet gold stripe leggings – Was £80, Now £40


Belle flower print tights – Was £31, Now £8


Zehra rosebud-seamed hold ups – Was £90, Now £45


Tilla art deco tights – Was £33, Now £16


Pearls hold ups – Was £90, Now £23


Ekaterina floral net nights – Was £31, Now £8


Collier metal sequin tights – Was £90, Now £23


Alyssia hole-detail tights – Was £37, Now £18

Will you be buying anything from Wolford’s outlet? What do you think of this brand in general if you’ve bought from them before?


The product recommendations directly above are affiliate links

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