27 Smart Pyjama Sets to Work From Home In

by Estelle Puleston

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Around the world, an unprecendented number of people are working from home right now and it’s hard to say how long things will stay this way for. Here in Spain, coronavirus cases continue to rise, and the initial 15 day quarantine timeframe is expected to be increased. If you’re one of the many people working remotely for the first time, then perhaps some new loungewear could come in handy.

I don’t see any reason to wear business attire when you’re at home. Why bother? Wouldn’t you rather just be comfortable? I also however know that it can be hard to get into that “I’m working” frame of mind when everything, including your outfit, reminds you of a lazy weekend. If you relate to that, then here’s a compromise I’d like to suggest: sort-of-smart pyjamas.

Pyjamas are wonderfully comfy, but the styles below also come with just a dash of formality. They’re neither ultra-casual, like t-shirt PJs, nor so fantastically glamorous that they’re impractical. From smart collars to suit-like lapels, and from tailored tops to ones that resemble a blouse or cardigan, these are the kind of pyjamas that will make you feel neat and ‘put together’. And which could potentially even work for a video conference!

One recommendation though: save these for daytime and weekdays only, at least while you continue to work from home. That way, your mind will associate them with being productive rather than with sleeping/relaxing. Plus, they’ll look a whole lot less smart if they’re wrinkled from being slept in.

Here are 27 smart-ish, work-from-home PJs for budgets big and small:

What are you wearing to the home office these days? Does it include ‘smart’ PJs?

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