22 Luxury Nipple Pasties to Adorn Yourself With

by Eliza Lahey

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Looking to spice up your favourite lingerie look? Look no further! Nipple pasties – also known as nipplets, nipple covers, or nipple tassels when they have tasselled decorations – bring an element of mystery and sexy, burlesque-inspired fun to your underwear wardrobe.

There are pasties available for every budget, but today we’re taking a look at the most luxurious. These definitely aren’t your basic pasties, meant only to hide your nipples and be discreet under clothes. No, these ones are made to stand out! Leather, latex, silk and 24-karat gold platings are just a few of the high-quality materials featured here, and these high-end options, which are priced from £20 to £190, feature breathtaking and one-of-a-kind designs that are much more unique than what you would see at a lower price range.

Disposable pasties have risen in popularity in recent years, and many of the low-cost pasties on the market are the peel-and-stick kind that only last one or two wears. Investing in a pair of luxury pasties like the ones below, in addition to making you feel elegant and luxurious, is more sustainable and potentially even cheaper per wear since they are designed to be worn again and again. These pasties are simply attached with a body-safe glue such as Spirit Gum or with double-sided lingerie tape – many of them come with tape that can be used for the first few wears, so check the retailer’s description to find out.

So, exactly how should you wear them? You can wear the flatter styles under a regular bra for a surprise reveal, but decorative pasties of all varieties look particularly great with a quarter-cup or cupless bra or bodysuit, or lingerie harness, that leaves them on show. Many of the brands shown below, including Harlow & Fox and Fräulein Kink, create pasties that are purposefully designed to match their other lingerie, for the ultimate finishing touch to a decadent boudoir look!

Fraülein Kink has created some of the most eye-catching and beautiful luxury pasties on the market right now. These particular pasties are made from custom laser-cut white patent leather and decorated with ivory faux-pearls and silver trimming.

These glittering pasties, featuring quartz crystals and other minerals, will add a burlesque flair to any look. And they’re sure to look gorgeous when they catch the light!

These brass filigree pasties feature Swarovski crystal accents on a unique butterfly shape. They would look great paired with golden body jewellery.

These artisan ‘jewellery pasties’ are adorned with tiny Swarovski crystals. They are simple enough to go with most lingerie looks while still being utterly attention-grabbing.

These show-stopping pasties are made from black leather, with golden decoration that’s inlaid with Czech zirconia gemstones.

These glamorous pasties are made to be seen! They are made from bespoke leather (any colour is available) and covered in Swarovski crystals and other stones.

These latex pasties feature 3D flowers with sparkling Swarovski crystal centres. They are available in six different types of latex and 29 colors, and can be sized to your preference.

These steampunk-themed pasties are handmade in Paris using filigree metal and faux pearls. The pearl and crystal-studded ‘tassels’ are removable.

Prefer a simple design? These gold-tone pasties with a glossy metal finish are versatile enough to go with practically any lingerie set.

Handcrafted in Italy, Luna Veneziana is known for their filigree eye masks, and these pasties feature the same touch of luxury and mystery! They feature intricate metalwork with Swarovski crystals and satin-finish tassels.

Looking for something a little more edgy? Sleek and oh-so luxurious, the hardware on these pasties is plated in authentic 24k gold.

These burlesque-style pasties are made from velvet embossed with Swarovski crystals, and edged with coque feathers. Perfect if you prefer something glitzy and fun.

Designed in collaboration with revered lingerie designer Karolina Laskowska, these pasties are made with shining gold faux leather and a black lace overlay. They match several other designs from Laskowska’s collaboration, such as the Aurora choker and harness — a beautiful line of accessories for anyone who wants to own a Laskowska original but is otherwise outside of her or Harlow & Fox’s size or price range.

These modern and subtly-gothic pasties are made from black patent leather in a unique star-shaped cut-out pattern.

Glamorous and sexy… and maybe a little Wild West! These pasties are made from calf leather embossed in a crocodile design, with added Swarovski crystals on the tassels.

These lavish (and cheeky!) handmade pasties are meant to look like pierced nipples. They are made from faux leather and available in three styles featuring crystals, and silver- or gold-tone rings.

These satin pasties are designed to feel wonderful against your skin. They are perfect as an accessory to some of Edge O’ Beyond’s matching lingerie, such as the Nikki Playsuit pictured above, or on their own. Three sizes are available.

These pink satin pasties, done in the style of 1920s burlesque, feature faux pearls and rhinestones. They can be crafted in the colour or size of your choosing, making them suitable for people with any sized areolas.

Feminine with an edge! These gorgeously crafted pasties are made from thick, pastel pink leather with silver studs.

These gorgeous pasties are made from Chantilly lace and lined with soft Nappa leather. They come in a silk bag for added luxury.

With marabou feathers and black patent leather, these pasties are soft, playful, and just a little bit edgy. The pearl and crystal detailing at the center adds an additional layer of luxury.

Another gorgeous set of flower-inspired pasties! These tudor rose pasties are from the Curiosities of Pleasure collection by Gallery 58, a collaboration between acclaimed lingerie and accessories designers Paul Seville and Steph Aman. They feature four layers of leather that have been hand moulded, carved and dyed, plus chains that drape downward from the petals.

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