2021 Lingerie Gift Guide: Ideas Over £100

by Estelle Puleston

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Last week I shared my top lingerie holiday gift recommendations for budgets under £100, and now it’s time to turn my attention to the luxury suggestions. The 20 pieces below range from a tad over £100 through to eleven times that, and there’s both show-stopping bra sets and decadent loungewear galore to choose from. It’s arranged in ascending price order, so the more you scroll down, the more breathtaking things get!

While I’ve said before that the budget-friendly guide is my favourite one to compile (because I enjoy the challenge of hunting down fabulous things at fantastic prices, whereas when you have cash to splash you can open up pretty much any luxury brand’s website and find something beautiful), I did love putting this one together too. It’s sort of a recap of all my absolute favourite things I’ve seen in lingerie land this year.

Many of these items are still available to have delivered in time for December 25th if you’re fast, but are few are not. I’ve included them anyway in case the person you’re shopping for is yourself – which is definitely allowed! But if you are on a deadline, do be sure to check the last holiday ordering dates directly with the brand, many of whom have them displayed on their website.

The product recommendations directly above are affiliate links

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