13 Witchy Black Robes for Halloween (and Afterwards Too)

by Estelle Puleston

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Halloween is right around the corner, and my local stores are brimming with cheap costumes. I can’t think of any other clothing type that is quite so wasteful as these, literally designed to be worn for less than one full day and then discarded (because really, how many people actually wear the same costume year after year?). Especially here in Spain, charity shops are pretty rare so I dread to think how much of this stuff just get tossed come November.

If you want to get dressed up this Halloween, whether it’s for a party or just for social media, then the most sustainable costume idea is to put something together with things you already own. But if you’re lost for ideas and still really want to wear a costume, how about basing it around a key piece which you can continue to enjoy long after the festivities are over?

Witches (and vampires) are a costume classic, and it’s a look that’s super easy to create! Something black and dramatic is all you need, and since this is a lingerie blog, of course I’m going to be suggesting some spellbinding robes that you can wear alone or slip over a dress. Maybe it’s even something you were already planning to treat yourself to soon, what with winter on its way.

Some of the robes below take the witchy theme more literally than others, perfect for those who want to indulge their gothic sensibilities year round, while others will look fabulously occult-like with the right styling but can otherwise just be a ‘regular’ robe once spooky season is over.

And before I go, a quick shout out to Videnoir nightwear, the ultimate gothic-lingerista robes but unfortunately currently all out of stock.

Have you ever incorporated lingerie into your Halloween costume?

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