Interview: Lingerie Blogger Of Lambs and Lace

by Estelle Puleston

I love finding new lingerie blogs and my most recent discovery is the wonderful Of Lambs And Lace which was started only recently in December 2012 but already has some fantastic product reviews to read through. The best thing about this blog in my opinion is the mixture of luxury and budget lingerie brands, so there’s really something for everyone – oh, and the cute illustrations!

I spoke to ‘The Lamb’ about why she started her lingerie blog, and what makes it so unique…

Your blog Of Lambs And Lace launched pretty recently. What made you decide to join the lingerie blogosphere?

I don’t suppose I could pin my decision down to just one reason. There are a lot of fashion and beauty bloggers out there and until I joined the lingerie blogosphere I wasn’t aware of many lingerie blogs, it seemed a little under appreciated.

I also have an ever growing collection of lingerie and swimwear, most of which spends a good deal in my wardrobe where I forget I even have them. The idea of cataloging my collection and appreciating it a little more was really appealing (and it could curb my spending habits) and also I hoped to meet some like-minded people, who were as enthusiastic about lingerie as me.

What is it that you think sets your blog apart from other lingerie blogs on the Internet?

Now I’m privy to the world of lingerie blogging I’ve discovered a lot of wonderful lingerie blogs out there. However what sets my blog apart, or at least I’ve come to believe so, is my age and budget. I’m a degree student so I have very little money to start with, therefore when it comes to buying lingerie I often look to the high-street, eBay or the sales.

Most already-established lingerie blogs are run by slightly older women who, naturally, have a bit more money to spend. I can drool over their posts but I don’t often feel like I could buy the pieces myself. I like to think I provide a blog accessible to those who are on a much tighter budget and who hadn’t previously considered some of the cheaper options, like eBay or high-street stores, to get their hands on gorgeous lingerie.

You’ve found some amazing deals since you started blogging, such as the £5 bodysuit! How much do you think a woman should expect to pay for a high quality, attractive lingerie set?

When it comes to clothes I’m a pricing snob – I can easily decide its monetary worth by myself and if that value doesn’t match the price then I won’t even consider buying it. But lingerie is a whole different ball game and honestly, I’d say whatever you can justify. If you have the money and can justify buying a £1000 bodysuit, go for it.

Depending on my financial- and life-circumstances (who doesn’t need to spend a bit of money for a pick me up sometimes?) at the time, the amount I choose to spend on lingerie fluctuates. One week I may have very little money and I’ll refuse to pay more than a few pounds for some knickers that are a practical investment. The next week I may have worked a few more shifts or I may just have fallen head over heels in love with a piece and I’ll look at buying knickers that cost significantly more.

It’s much the same for high-end lingerie; you should expect to pay however much you can justify and there are so many high-end lingerie companies out there that you’ll be able to find something within your budget, even if you have to trawl eBay or wait for the sales.

Which lingerie brands would you recommend to other women?

Well, although they are in no way a lingerie brand, I always recommend Topshop. But as far as brands go, Agent Provocateur, Ann Summers, Hopeless Lingerie and Dirty Pretty Things.

Are there any you wouldn’t recommend, and why?

I suppose brands like Victoria’s Secret and La Senza. I feel they only really accommodate a certain aesthetic and a certain body type. As a very small-chested female I’ve always felt that they were supporting the assumption that all women should aspire to fit unrealistic standards and I have never been comfortable shopping their ranges.

The Spring/Summer 2013 collections are starting to hit the stores. Any pieces you’re lusting after, or have already bought?

Oh gosh! Right now I’m lusting after Agent Provocateur’s “On the Road” SS13 collection and Marika Vera‘s “Welcome to the Rabbit Hole” line (based on David Lynch’s women) but both are pipe dreams. I’m also trying to justify a few purchases from Nicole De Carle and Gilda and Pearl (but failing miserably).

Here at Esty we’re all about independent designers. What are your thoughts on indie vs high-street lingerie brands?

They’re both wonderful. I’m a massive advocate for the high-street as everything is relatively cheap and cheerful but you can also find some really beautiful pieces. I also love independent brands because they’re unique and always masterfully crafted, however you pay more as they’re not mass produced and you’re supporting a much smaller company.

Both have a place in my wardrobe however – high-street for everyday, practical use and independent brands for when you have a little bit more to spend and you want something special.

Finally, what is your one top lingerie tip you’d like to share with our readers?

Always try a piece on if you can. If shopping online or in a store that doesn’t allow trying items on, check the returns policy and only buy if you’re either 100% sure the cut will suit and fit you, or if you can return. Ill-fitting lingerie, to put it simply, can highlight every body issue you have.

Lingerie should make you feel beautiful and comfortable in your own body. If it does anything but, then get rid. There’s nothing worse than having THAT piece sitting in your collection reminding you of your insecurities.

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