Splurge or Save? Claudette vs. ASOS Black Bra Set

by Estelle Puleston

I’ve been browsing the ever-amazing sale at ASOS this evening, and as soon as I spotted this Boudoir Mesh Trim bra and brief set from ASOS’ own-branded range, I was struck by how similar it is to the Claudette Paramour set in black.

I recently ‘discovered’ Claudette when I bought this Paramour set in garnet back in April – I’d heard about them before that but never actually bought anything, and as soon as I tried the set on I wished I hadn’t waited so long to try Claudette out! You can read my full review here but suffice to say, Claudette’s Paramour is one of the best-fitting bras I’ve ever bought.

At first glance, the two sets are very similar, except for Claudette’s being almost two and a half times the price. (Both sets are actually now on sale if you follow the links above, but the price difference is roughly the same).

However, look closer and there are some differences. For starters, ASOS’ Boudoir Mesh Trim bra has a double layer of mesh on the bottom half of the cup to give that semi-opaque look, whereas Claudette’s Paramour is made from soft satin. I haven’t seen the ASOS bra close-up, but I have seen Claudette’s and that fabric is simply gorgeous. The knickers are also slightly different designs.

Having not tried the ASOS bra I can’t comment on the fit, but as I mentioned before, the Claudette Paramour is one of the best-fitting bras I’ve ever bought – and I’ve bought a lot of bras. So I’m fairly certain that ASOS’ Boudoir Mesh won’t fit quite so well.

Another key difference is the size range – ASOS’ bra comes in 32A-36D, but Claudette comes in 30D to 36G.

So, the verdict? If you’re under a D-cup and like this style, I think the ASOS Boudoir Mesh Trim is a pretty bra at a very reasonable price. If however you can fit into Claudette’s size range, I would seriously advise you to spend a little more and go for the Paramour bra – you won’t regret it!


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