Review: Marilyn Meets Johnny Crystal Bra

by Estelle Puleston

Disclaimer: I purchased this lingerie with my own money and Marilyn Meets Johnny did not request a review.

So far, all of my reviews have been positive – I’ve had a few problems with fit or fabric, but generally I was happy with my purchase. Unfortunately, this one’s different. I wasn’t sure whether to review this Marilyn Meets Johnny crystal bra or not, but in the end I decided I was so, so disappointed with the garment and the whole buying experience that I should review it if only to stop anyone else having such a bad experience with this brand!

Marilyn Meets Johnny sell crystal and sequin bras (and briefs) which are actually branded garments that they customise. My bra was a Gossard Superboost in black, which I thought was a good thing – the base of the bra would at least be of a decent quality. So, what went wrong?

Well firstly, and most importantly in my opinion, their customer service is appalling. This has been my worst ever customer experience – yes, ever, and I do a lot of shopping. I won’t bore you with all the details but to summarise: the bra was posted a month and a half late with all of my emails asking if it had been dispatched yet being completely ignored; it was eventually posted when I had clearly told them I would be out of the country for 3 weeks (and after I had requested to cancel the order since it was so overdue); a return was refused even though their website states returns are accepted within 7 days of receipt (and I have tracking information to prove I received it 2 days ago) and I was even told it was my fault I received it so late for not being home (ha!); the few responses I did get from the brand were, frankly, downright rude; and to top it off the designer Jennifer claimed to have sent me emails I never received but when I asked for them to be forwarded, no reply…

So what did I think of the bra itself?


I never thought I’d buy a bra that’s covered in crystals! Bling really isn’t my thing, at all, so I surprised myself when I saw this bra and liked it. Sure, it’s sparkly, but in a kind of understated way. I asked for a black bra with garnet crystals to match my Claudette Paramour in black/garnet and also a pair of Lilly Wiggler Couture tie-sides that are an exact colour-match for my Claudette. From a distance, the bra is pretty amazing – there are over 2000 crystals in 3 different sizes so every tiny part of the cups are covered.

However, after a couple of days (I’d only seen it in dim lighting at first) I suddenly noticed that there’s a patch of crystals on the left cup that isn’t the same colour! I would have thought that a brand specialising in crystal bras would know how many crystals to buy to cover one, but even if it was a genuine mistake I would have expected Marilyn Meets Johnny to order a few more to finish the bra, not to just stick differently-coloured crystals onto a central section of one cup.

Verdict: 2 / 10


The basic construction of the bra is by Gossard, so I’m not reviewing that. As for the crystals, I have to give Marilyn Meets Johnny some credit here – they’re very securely stuck on! If you look super close, you’ll see a few that aren’t totally flat but from even just a short distance (like arm’s length) you really can’t tell.

Verdict: 8 / 10


I’m not reviewing the fit because this bra is not made by Marilyn Meets Johnny.



The bra came with washing instructions – wipe the inside with a damp cloth. Of course, I wasn’t expecting to be able to machine wash it or even soak it, but this still limits the life of the bra considerably; this definitely isn’t a bra you’d wear every day, but after ten or so wears is a wipe with a damp cloth going to be enough to get it clean?

Verdict: 3 / 10

Value for Money

As far as crystal bras go, this is a very cheap one at £24.99 with free postage. Perhaps that should have been a warning sign but she had some good feedback on so I went ahead with my order. Customer experience aside, I would have been happy with my purchase had the crystals all been the same colour. Plus the fact that the 7-day returns policy is also fake means I can’t get my money back.

Verdict: 3 / 10


Would I recommend it?

No, definitely not. Even if the bra wasn’t flawed, which it is, I simply can’t recommend a brand that lies about their returns policy and emails sent, is rude in the few messages they do send, and who posted my item 6 weeks late without saying anything – not even in response to my (polite!) enquiries.

Update 27/09/2013 – Although I can’t prove anything, on the same day that the brand owner saw this review and commented below (and bombarded me with emails) a fake negative review was posted on an item I have never sold from a customer name I have never sold to, and a fake Facebook account was set up in my name that began leaving nasty comments on the Esty Lingerie Facebook page. The timing seems a little suspicious to me. If this was Marilyn Meets Johnny, I sadly find that a very immature way for a brand to deal with a negative review.


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Ann Buggs September 16, 2013 - 4:58 pm

I have only just recently ordered something from Marilyn meets Johnny people and already been ignored. No response to emails or phone, website is also not functioning, no idea of when item is to be delivered, or if it will be delivered. Shocking really.. It looks like the only way is to take action too. Which I have already instructed my lawyer to do.

Ann Buggs September 16, 2013 - 5:07 pm

I never thought I would be one of those to be scammed and I think anyone can be nowadays. I wish I had read this site before I ordered, I usually do find out about companies before I order. People like Marilynmeetsjohnny still try to do get away with. Just a little response won’t hurt. Why would you want to steal someone money without the service you claim to offer. I have already instructed my lawyer to contact them. I’m glad you started this.

Estelle September 16, 2013 - 5:49 pm

Sorry to hear you’re having an issue with your order too.

Their website isn’t working for me either right now though it’s still indexed by Google so must’ve gone down recently – it could be temporary. That said their Facebook page and Etsy shop are gone too so perhaps they’ve closed down! I hope you manage to get your order or a refund – if you paid via PayPal or credit card contact them and explain the situation, they may be able to get a refund for you without you having to pay any fees to your lawyer. If the brand has indeed closed for business, the sooner the better in case they close their bank account.

Stacey Ann October 16, 2013 - 5:17 pm

I have just got my wedding shoes from them this doesn’t seem in character the girls at the shop are so nice, Im going to screen shot this and send it to them as to me this looks like a hate campaign!

MMJ October 16, 2013 - 10:24 pm

Thank you Stacie for altering us. We have written to the owner of this website today with proof of refunds and emails. That’s all we can do. Ann you have been refunded you know this (I sent the owner of this website the refund details). Special d- No money was taken as we didn’t want to your order/demands. We simply replied that we could not help you and that you can find someone else-have sent the owner of this sight proof of this).

Estelle it is your responsibility not to enable this behaviour,


Karin June 15, 2014 - 1:31 am

Hi I saw this….I am worried as I have ordered x 4 items but no tracking number yet. I can open an international dispute with my card company to get my money back, but I want to check with Sophie first….but no reply to emails, no reply on Facebook and phone number seems not to be working either. I hope my items come OK! I will post an update as soon as they arrive with an honest review (if they arrive) 😕

Estelle June 15, 2014 - 9:36 pm

Hi Karin, sorry to hear you’ve also had problems with this brand 🙁 I don’t know how overdue your order is, but if you have given the brand adequate time to reply and they’re just ignoring your messages, I’d say contact your credit card company now. I didn’t hear anything back myself until I opened a Paypal dispute!

special February 16, 2016 - 4:11 am

This company is very unprofessional! I placed a custom order it took them weeks to respond. I asked Sophie if they were having issues with replying to emails and she basically cursed me out and told me to find someone else to do my order. After waiting a couple of months I placed a basic order on the site and have not received my order and have not gotten an email back 🙁

special February 16, 2016 - 4:13 am

Sophie and her staff is very nasty and rude. I haven’t received my order or money

Estelle February 16, 2016 - 7:52 pm

Oh, that’s awful! If she’s told you to find someone else to order from, it sounds like she’s not completing your order herself so you definitely want to get that refund – did you pay via Paypal or credit card? If so they should be able to help you get your money back.

Jacqueline coleman March 15, 2017 - 8:13 pm

My name is jacqueline coleman This website Marilyn meets Johnny is not a good website to purchase anything, i place a order December 11th for a silver sequin Crystal bra I have not received my order yet, and have not heard from them… I emailed them several times and no response… I even tried to call them but it was international number, so just imagine how that went… they are not a good company to order anything from… I would not recommend this website to anybody, also I will be doing a dispute and taking action legal action 🙁

Jacqueline coleman March 15, 2017 - 8:14 pm

My name is Jacqueline Coleman Marilyn meets Johnny is not a good website to purchase anything, I ordered a crystal silver bra please… do not order nothing from them, when you email them they do not respond back, u send your money and you never receive your order, you tried to call them but it’s an international number so you know how that goes, but I had to learn the hard way but I will be taking legal actions to me this company is a rip-off

Kerry November 16, 2017 - 9:46 am

I have also had a very bad experience with this company – I ordered a bra and knicker set to go under my wedding dress – after a few weeks I chased them to find out and eta as I had my dress fitting – no response – I then chased again the week after and got a reply to say it would be posted that day. The dress fitting day came and went – no bra or knickers had arrived- therefore my dress was fitted without the bra so I would not be able to use it. I then chased again and ended up raising a call with nochex who I paid through. It took ages…. basically I asked for a refund due to not receiving the goods and then a month later of me raising the call with nochex they posted the goods out to me, even though nochex had also requested them to refund. I had tried ringing the number on the website which did not connect – sent lots of emails and even texts which I got no response- overall I was very annoyed and disappointed and will certainly never use these again nor would I recommend anyone else using them. Finally got a refund – and even though they said they would pay my postage for me to send it back (as they had sent it when i’d already asked for a refund) they did not. Very annoyed if the goods had arrived when they said then there would not have been a problem.

JL April 15, 2018 - 4:45 pm

I ordered from there an paid for shipping 5-7 days.
After i while ididnt recived a note that it whas shipped and i had to email them 2 times to have a response, she sad it was shipped and i will recive the recipt, i still havent got it and ive emailed them 5 times i 2 months with no reponse and no stuff. So i lost over 100 pounds 🙁

Estelle April 15, 2019 - 2:39 pm

Hi JL, sorry to hear you have also experienced problems with this brand 🙁 Did you pay via Paypal or credit card? If so your money will be protected – with Paypal you just need to open a case in the resolution centre, with a credit card you need to phone/write to your credit card company and start a chargeback which is a lengthier process, but either way you should be able to get your money back.

Marilyn Meets Johnny September 13, 2027 - 8:15 pm

We are still not happy with this and will now be taking legal action against you and you website

kind regards


Marilyn Meets Johnny September 13, 2027 - 9:03 pm

Its funny how your wash instructions are similar yet you also slate them …interesting

Estelle September 13, 2027 - 9:26 pm

Hi Marilyn Meets Johnny,

It’s nice to hear from your brand at last. You claim to have sent me some emails that I didn’t receive. I have asked to have them forwarded on to me but am yet to receive a reply, so if you could forward them to me as requested to prove that they were sent I would be happy to edit my review accordingly.

If you intend to take legal action I should remind you that this blog is my my honest opinion based on true facts I can prove.

Kind regards,

Marilyn Meets Johnny September 13, 2027 - 9:58 pm

Why are you continuing this on?I posted this yesterday before we resolved there must be a delay from my blackberry please delete any comments as they where sent BEFORE I spoke to you


Marilyn Meets Johnny September 13, 2027 - 10:40 pm

To Resolve
This is now out of hand, why you continue to blame us for things that are not possible from our end is beyond me,

Here we go:

We emailed you several times asking what you wanted to do (check paypal to refresh your memory its all there in the comments history)

As you know I sent you a copy of the original receipt it took someone over 20 days to collect the parcel which is in no way my fault and out of my control as uploaded all tracking via paypal you still refuse to believe this is the case you can always ring royal mail with the tracking number kf307108359gb i am sure they will be happy to explain things to you as you don’t seem to be listening to us at all

I sent apologies when I uploaded the tracking number like I said 20 plus days later there is nothing I can do

there are a few thing that make you contradict your self that is my only problem for example the “aftercare” and the fact that you have now sold/passed it on with I suppose no problems
The fact that we don’t even do your size yet ordered it in specially is also another low blow (\A324.99-6.75-\A314.75=\A33.49 sometimes the crystals differ they are glass the garnet/siam are dyed that happens

I have not been on facebook I take it this is another attempted to blackmail us-(as your attempt yesterday did not work) The fact that this was resolved yesterday but yet you continue this is beyond be,

I am personally offended by this new allegation I cannot speak for others but I hope you feel really good right now we all look ridiculous there’s so much going on in this world yet you choose to bully us

finally check your paypal $$$$ and leave my girls alone now its going to far

I do not want to hear about this any more from either side I have had to take valuable time out to deal with this

Sophie x

Estelle September 13, 2027 - 11:17 pm

Hi Carol,

Thank you very much for the partial refund, I do appreciate it and will add a note to the top of my review as I said I would.

I’m confused as to why you think I am ‘bullying’ and ‘blackmailing’ you when I have done nothing but respond (politely) to your emails and blog comments to me which included threatening legal action so I felt it was my duty to respond. I am more than happy to leave this matter alone, as I had already done so before you contacted me via email a couple of days ago.

However, for the benefit of my readers and my own reputation, I would just like to prove that I am not lying. I have uploaded a copy of the Paypal dispute case at which only shows one reply from your company. The main issue I had with this purchase was the fact that your website states returns are accepted within 7 days of receipt (not 7 days of purchase or 7 days of posting), and as can be seen in the Paypal image linked to above I had clearly stated that no one would be able to collect the parcel until September (and it was already weeks late – I had specifically ordered this to arrive well before my holiday to ensure this didn’t happen), and yet I was denied the chance to return it for a refund when I contacted you just 2 days after receipt.

Once again thank you for the refund and I am happy to regard the issue as resolved. I will update my blog post as agreed.


Marilyn Meets Johnny September 13, 2028 - 3:54 pm

What a sad place to live
As you refuse to respond to us even though (money sent back)but now on hold as you said you would revise but are clearly not going to, you had nothing to send back why is that Estelle? Was the item so bad you had to throw it away?
-You said to us “give me a refund” I will remove the comments -BLACKMAIL
-Talking about us on twitter “BULLYING”-Yes we have read that to sneaky

As everyone can see from the paypal link it has been manipulated so that the tracking number which proves our point is blacked out I have shared your photograph so everyone knows that actually this review is a sham (resold or gave away advertised with no mention of this review)
The point is we are still associated with you to be fair this is the only blog that actually has comments
At the end of it all this could have been resolved but you still want to keep this going your reputation is shot especially as we have asked you over and over again to delete the comments and move on which you clearly refuse to do-so I hope everyone can see that we have asked time and time again for a resolution its obviously the right thing to do
but sadly I don’t think is going to happen

Marilyn Meets Johnny September 13, 2028 - 7:13 pm

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Just a few real reviews for you 😉

Estelle September 13, 2028 - 7:36 pm


For someone who seemed annoyed at having to “take valuable time out to deal with this”, I have come home from a day out to find two emails and two blogs comments, including accusations of not replying and the suggestion that my lack of response meant I “want to keep going”.

The tracking information is clearly visible on the Paypal link. The part I blacked out was in fact your personal email address, which I felt it unprofessional to publish.

I never mentioned removing comments or ‘blackmailed’ you into refunding. I simply said that if you were interested in providing a resolution and would be happy to refund, I would be willing to add a note to the top of the article stating that the brand has resolved this issue and I am now happier with the customer service, which was posted this morning (and then removed, as you tried to withdraw your refund through Paypal).

I am sure your other reviews are real, and so is mine. I did not have that many problems with the item itself. My main issue, as I have stated multiple times, was with your customer service and your emails/blog comments have not unfortunately left me with much more confidence in your company.

Kind regards,