Splurge or Save? Maison Close vs. KissKill Choker Harness Thong

by Estelle Puleston

I heard about Australian lingerie brand KissKill a while back, but it wasn’t until yesterday when I spotted in The Lingerie Addict’s sale round-up that they’re having a massive clearance sale that I checked them out properly. Designed by Jane Carrodus in Australia, the collection is a mixture of pretty everyday pieces in luxury fabrics, and some more ‘special occasion’ pieces such as beautiful lace robes and pyjamas.

I was instantly attracted to the Rosanna harness thong which I thought reminded me of Bordelle with its bondage-inspired style and black and gold colour scheme. It wasn’t until I’d bought the thong (which took me all of ten seconds to decide to do – I love it!) and then tried to search for the similar ‘Bordelle’ piece that I realised I was actually thinking of a design by Maison Close – their Villa Satine harness thong.

As you can see, the two pieces are incredibly similar, from the lace details on the thong and collar through to the fact that the harness is detachable on both so you can wear the thong alone. Plus, at full price they both cost roughly the same amount (the KissKill price is approximate as I converted it from Australian dollars), so which is the better buy now the Rosanna thong is on sale?

The main difference in design is the gold-tone lace on the Rosanna version; the Villa Satine is sheer black lace. In terms of fabric quality, the KissKill thong is silk rather than polyester satin of the Maison Close thong, so if they were the same price I’d go for the KissKill version and with it being so cheap right now I’d definitely say that one.

If you love this design, be sure to snap it up quick – it’s available here with just sizes XS and L left in stock. The Maison Close thong is available from Figleaves here.

Which of these two harness thongs do you prefer?


(P.S. I’m sure one of these designs is a copy of the other – they are too similar not to be – but I don’t know which piece was released first).


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