Splurge or Save? Fleur of England vs. ASOS Sheer Floral Appliqué Bra

by Estelle Puleston

Fleur of England’s original ‘invisible tulle’ bra with guipure appliqués in a beautiful, bridal white colour is one of my favourite all-time bra designs, and it was clearly popular with customers too as it has since been launched (with minor variations) in pale blush pink, light grey and now this Belle de Nuit black too. Prices vary between £89 and £105, with the black version being the cheapest (it’s also the only one where the tulle is designed to be seen.

It’s a style that’s since been copied by a few other brands, and I just spotted this very similar vine appliqué bra over on ASOS, also available in red. At £16, it’s clearly the more budget option, but which bra offers the best value for money?

ASOS’ vine bra is made from polyamide (nylon), whereas Fleur of England uses Italian tulle with a silk-satin for the trim around the cups and for the band. Although both bras probably aren’t hugely supportive, the band on the Belle de Nuit is a little wider so would offer a little more support. ASOS’ bra has a standard hook-and-eye fastening at the back whilst Fleur of England has a unique button fastening that I’ve not seen on a bra before.

So, in terms of fabric quality, Fleur of England wins outright. The Belle de Nuit design also looks a little more luxurious with the ultra-thin straps and button fastening. I definitely think the Fleur of England is worth the £89 price tag and if you’re after a deluxe lingerie set for a special occasion or as a gift it’s the one I’d go for. However the ASOS vine bra looks more expensive bra than it is and seems like a really great alternative for those on a budget. I’m quite tempted to buy it in red actually!

If you like this floating lace idea, which bra would you choose?


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