4 Reasons to Treat Yourself or Someone Else to Silk Lingerie

by Estelle Puleston

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If you’ve never tried silk lingerie, you’re missing out. I used to wonder if there was really such a difference between real silk garments and their polyester satin and chiffon lookalikes, except for the price tag. Then I finally caved into my curiosity and trust me, the two are worlds apart.

Whilst polyester and silk may look similar on screen, up close you can see the difference. Silk is softer, slinkier, flowier. The fabric feels lighter to the touch and drapes beautifully, meaning that the way it hangs on the body simply ends up looking better. But it’s not all about looks – there are plenty more reasons to choose silk over synthetics, which I’ll go into below.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, if you’re thinking of treating someone to a lingerie gift then I recommend a look at NK iMODE*’s list of gift suggestions here*, with options ranging from the palest of blush pinks through to vampy reds and blacks. Their luxurious nightwear is produced at their family-owned factory in Suzhou, the silk capital of the world, with a focus on sustainability and lightweight bust support in their cupped camisoles and gowns. I particularly like the baby pink Désirée chemise* with sheer lace panels appliquéd down each side!

But back to the topic at hand. Why silk? What makes it so special? As someone who put my first silk slip on one morning and promptly ordered two more that very afternoon, here are my 4 reasons to love this luxurious fabric:

Morgan Short Silk Robe in Scarlet, CA$300 (~£172 / ~US$244 / ~196€)
Morgan Lace Bralette in Scarlet, CA$100 (~£57 / ~US$81 / ~65€)
Morgan Cheeky Lace Brief in Scarlet, CA$80 (~£46 / ~US$65 / ~52€)*

It’s Hypoallergenic

Silk is a natural, breathable fibre which means it’s great for sensitive skin. Silk thread is made up of long, smooth fibres which give it its super-soft texture, so it won’t feel irritating or scratchy. There’s also no need to artificially soften silk with chemical treatments that are sometimes applied to other types of fabric. If you or your giftee suffer from any kind of skin allergies that are triggered by certain materials, silk lingerie is most likely not going to cause any issues.

Paloma Gimme the Night Camisole & Tap Pants, CA$274 (~£157 / ~US$223 / ~179€)*

It’s Comfortable

Until you’ve actually worn silk lingerie (and especially a glossy silk charmeuse!), it’s hard to understand just how lovely it feels against the skin. There’s no other fabric quite like it. Plus, since it’s breathable, you’ll stay nice and cool draped in a silk robe even when it’s summer. Silk is naturally a little elastic too, for a more flexible, comfortable fit.

Annabella Naughty Swing Chemise, CA$215 (~£123 / ~US$175 / ~141€)*

It’s Long-Lasting

Silk lingerie does need special care, such as ensuring it’s washed at a cool temperature. Get that right though and you’ve got a garment on your hands that could outlast cheaper alternatives by years. Silk is an inherently strong fibre, and it rarely pills. It also naturally repels bacteria and mildew.

Up front, silk lingerie may cost you more, but long term the price-per-wear could in fact work out the same or even cheaper because it won’t need replacing so soon.

Victoire Hello Cherie Swing Robe, CA$287 (~£165 / ~US$233 / ~188€)*

It’s Luxurious

Last but not least, silk lingerie is simply a luxury item – full stop. Just knowing that you’re wearing real silk makes it feel that much more special. And as I’ve already mentioned, you really do feel the difference when you’re wearing it compared to cheaper imitations. Whether it’s for yourself or you’re looking for a special gift, if you want lingerie that feels truly indulgent, you can’t go wrong with silk.

Summarising, silk lingerie may cost more, but it’s worth it. If you’re reading this because you’re thinking of buying a present for a loved one, check out these gifting tips and advice* from NK iMODE. And if you’re here because you’re just curious about silk lingerie for yourself, give it a try! I really do think you’ll love it.

If you’re a fan of real silk underthings, what’s your favourite thing about this fabric?

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Alison February 2, 2018 - 11:28 am

I agree. I’ve replaced almost all of my slips with silk ones.
I will check out the website you linked to.