Lingerie I Love: Marjolaine Soie Fantaisie Silk Slips

by Estelle Puleston

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Ever since my husband treated me to a Marjolaine silk slip a couple of birthdays ago, I’ve been obsessed. Okay, more obsessed, because I already knew and loved this brand. But now I also know it’s worth the money!

Marjolaine is a French luxury lingerie brand which is best known for its lavish use of appliqué, often featuring delicate floral lace stitched over a contrasting silk satin base. I love those pieces (how could I not?), but what I really adore are their slip designs that use super-sized embroidery appliqués. I’ve truly seen nothing else like them.

Marjolaine has labelled many of these garments ‘Soie Fantaisie’ (Fantasy Silk), although they’ve also used that name for other, very different-looking garments so there isn’t really a clear collection name I can point you towards. The Soie Fantaisie slips I’m talking about are the ones that turn conventional lingerie design on its head by making the back of the garment the central focus: cropped to mid thigh length, they’re characterised by bold, hand-embroidered guipure motifs which sweep across the back of the garments, framing silk lace-up details and surrounded by solid, tone-on-tone silk satin.

Marjolaine ‘wings’ Soie Fantaisie silk slip (previous season)
Marjolaine ‘butterfly’ Soie Fantaisie silk slip (previous season colour)

Recent Soie Fantaisie slips have been based around wing motifs, but they’ve just released a new design with a floral design that caught my eye and inspired this article. I particularly love the graphic, spiderwebby base of the guipure in this context – it’s floral, but it’s not delicate floral.

While we’re on the topic of silk and guipure slips by Marjolaine, I will forever be mad at myself for not buying this bow-backed slip when it was available. I believe this one was called Irresistible, rather than being part of the Soie Fantaisie line, but it seems to have all but disappeared from the internet now so I can’t be sure. Regardless, if you like the above slip designs, I have no doubt you’ll like that one too!

The product links above go to one of the brand’s French stockists, Glamuse, as they are carrying the full colour range. However, you can also purchase the floral slip in red or pink (as well as the now slightly-discounted butterly version in a choice of five colours) direct from Marjolaine. The floral slip comes in French sizes 36-50 which translates to a UK 8-20 or US 4-16, while the butterfly design stops at a French 48 (UK 18 / US 14).

Which Marjolaine designs do you prefer, these guipure ones or their more classic Calais lace appliqué ones?

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Kimberly February 20, 2022 - 7:21 pm

I’m a huge Marjolaine fan too and I have a Soie Fantasie slip in the older butterfly design, in forest green. I hadn’t seen the new design with the flowers yet but they are lovely! Of the colors shown here, I think the black one is the most striking, though the red is also beautiful. So much temptation…

Sol March 22, 2022 - 5:33 pm

A truly underrated luxury brand.
I love how durable their silks are.

Clara November 13, 2023 - 5:06 pm

The last Marjolaine “guipure slips”, espescially the ‘violine’ coloured one, are absolutely stunning! It’s what made me interested in the brand, and I think that if one day I get a piece from them, it will be one of these dresses!