16 Utterly Beautiful Luxury Swimsuits

by Estelle Puleston

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My upcoming beach holiday (for my 30th in a couple of weeks, eek!) and this European heatwave we’re having have, naturally, got me thinking about swimwear again. I treated myself to a couple of sale pieces and then, because it’s fun to dream, I started researching what I would buy if money were no object.

And oh, you bet it would be fancy! I’m a sucker for intricate prints and embellishment, especially metal hardware details. I love shimmering fabrics too – basically anything that catches the eye.

Whether you have an actual yacht party coming up or you just like looking at pretty things, here are some of the absolute most beautiful one-pieces currently around. Nothing here comes above an XL I’m afraid – I did look, but alas, such is the luxury fashion industry.

Baccio Alina White One-Piece Swimsuit, $295 (~£232 / ~259€)

Would you like to see a follow-up piece on luxury bikinis? Luxury cover-ups? Leave a comment to let me know, or just to tell me which of these you’d most kill to own!

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Seham Metwaly September 25, 2021 - 10:05 am

White one piece with flower in the back size 14 uk swimsuit keosme nuwa thx a lots