10 of the Best Period Underwear Brands to Try

by Eliza Lahey

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Period underwear is a trend I’ve seen growing for a long time, but in the past few years it’s really taken off. There seems to be a new brand of ‘period panties’ advertising to me on social media every week! They’ve even become so popular that major lingerie brands such as Aerie* and Marks & Spencer* have started to carry their own versions.

Period underwear is great because it’s so versatile. The brands in this article offer underwear that can replace up to 12 tampons, but they also offer lighter options that you can use as a backup for when your tampon or menstrual cup overflows. Plus, options have been rapidly expanding, and a growing number of brands now offer period swimwear as well as underwear. Some even offer activewear designed to absorb leaks, again either as the first line of defense or as a backup in case there is leakage through your tampon or period knickers.

Today, I’m comparing some of the most popular brands on the market that specialise in period underwear, so that you can easily see which brand will work best for you in terms of size, price range, styles, and absorbency.

For more in-depth reviews of some of the brands listed here, check out this comparison of 4 period underwear brands which Eleanor wrote a few years ago.


  • Size range: XS – 4XL
  • Price range: $25 – $38
  • Styles: Hipsters, high-waisted, bikini, thongs and sleep shorts in a small selection of colours and prints
  • Absorbency: Lightest (1 regular tampon or 1.8 tsp), Light (2 regular tampons or 3.7 tsp), Moderate (3 regular tampons or 5.5 tsp), Heavy (4 regular tampons or 7.3 tsp), Super (5 regular tampons or 9.1 tsp)
  • Other product notes: They offer all products in their full size range, and recently redesigned them with “true plus-size measurements”.

Thinx’s mission is to stop the shame around bodies and reproductive health. They partner with non-profits on inititatives to provide more people with reliable access to menstrual hygiene and incontinence products.


  • Size range: XS – 4XL
  • Price range: £14 – £36
  • Styles: Bikini, boyshorts, boyleg, sleep short, high-waist, boxer briefs and thongs in up to 24 colourways/prints
  • Absorbency: Moisture Wicking (0 tsp – for perspiration only), Super-Light (1 tampon or 1 tsp), Light/Moderate (2 tampons or 1-2 tsp), Moderate/Heavy (2-3 tampons or 3 tsp), Heavy/Overnight (3-4 tampons or 4 tsp), Maxi/24 hrs. (10 tampons or 10 tsp)
  • Other product notes: They also offer activewear* styles of varied levels of absorbency, Light/Moderate absorbency swimwear*, and adaptive period underwear*.

ModiBodi’s lower-priced products are some of the more economical ones on the list, with styles such as the Classic Thong Super Light* available for just £14. They also offer a range of styles aimed at teens and tweens, and for the eco conscious, collections which are either 97% biodegradable or made from recycled materials.


  • Size range: XS – 6XL
  • Price range: $12 – $24
  • Styles: High-waisted, bikini, shorts, boxers, and thongs in black; a few styles are available in 7 colourways
  • Absorbency: Light (4 tampons), Heavy (9 tampons or 5 pads), Sporty (8 to 10 tampons worth), Sleeper (10 tampons or 6 pads)
  • Other product notes: The Sporty styles are perfect for athletes, as they are designed to withstand “ultra movement” and sweat. They also sell basic leakproof bikini bottoms*, and one adaptive brief style* for those with limited mobility.

Period. by The Period Company have perhaps the most basic styles on this list, but they’re notable for being among the most economical period underwear on the market. They stand out for having very high absorbency options and one of most inclusive size ranges available.


  • Size range: XS – 4XL
  • Price range: $30 – $42
  • Styles: Bikini, boyshorts, cheeky, high-waist and boxer briefs in a wide range of colours/prints
  • Absorbency: Light absorbency (1 tsp), Medium absorbency (3 tsp), Heavy absorbency (4 tsp), Super absorbency (12 tsp)
  • Other product notes: They also offer matching bras and leggings so you can complete the set, plus five styles of period swimwear.

Knix stands out from the more basic period underwear on the market for offering the greatest selection of colourways. They offer 5 shades of nude plus black as their core colours, as well as limited edition colourways such as ultra-violet, sea foam, dark cherry, and different patterns. The Super Leakproof Cheeky, for example, is currently available in 23 colours and one print.


  • Size range: XS – 3XL (some styles are only available in sizes XS – XL)
  • Price range: $25 – $49
  • Styles: Hipsters, high-waisted, bikini and thongs in black or beige; some styles, such as the Leakproof Bikini Underwear, also available in fashion colours
  • Absorbency: Super-light (1 light tampon or panty-liner), Light (1 regular tampon or 2 tsp), Moderate (3 regular tampons or 6 tsp), Heavy (4 regular tampons or 8 tsp) Super-heavy (5 regular tampons or 10 tsp)
  • Other product notes: You can shop by the type of leak, including periods, bladder, post-partum, after sex, maternity, sweat, and workout.

Proof sent me their Laceback Bikini style to try, which was my first time using period underwear. I loved the option for a lace backing rather than the more neutral styles. When I took it out of the packaging, the first thing I noticed was how thick the fabric of the gusset was. I was worried that these briefs would feel clunky and uncomfortable, but I adjusted to it pretty quickly after putting them on. The only discomfort came from the gusset being wider than usual, which is done to prevent leaks. For light to moderate periods, I’ve never had a problem with leaking through.


  • Size range: XS – XXL
  • Price range: $29 – $45
  • Styles: Bikini, boyshorts, hipsters, high-waist and thongs available in two to five colourways
  • Absorbency: Light (1 liner or 2 light tampons), Regular (2 pads or 3 regular tampons), High (3 pads or 4 regular tampons)
  • Other product notes: They offer two style ranges: Comfort is for more basic styles, whereas the Lace & Mesh collection is “lingerie-inspired.”

Saalt makes their underwear sustainably from post-consumer recycled water bottles. Additionally, Saalt gives 2% of their profits to provide women around the world access to menstrual products.


  • Size range: XXS – 6XL
  • Price range: $11 – $27 (get 10% off with code Esty10)
  • Styles: Bikini, midi brief, hipsters, high waist, boxer shorts, and thongs in black; the Wuka Flex Detachable* is the first item on their website to offer 3 colourways
  • Absorbency: Light Flow (2 small tampons or 10ml), Medium Flow (2-3 regular tampons or 15ml), Heavy Flow (4 regular tampons or 20ml) or Super Heavy Flow (12 regular tampons or 60ml)
  • Other product notes: Wuka also offers a small variety of activewear made with fabrics designed for exercise as part of their Perform Collection*, plus a basic, 2-product Swimwear Collection*.

The Wuka Flex Collection* is designed to be accessible for people with limited mobility, and simple to change for everyone. These styles also feature sliders on both sides so that they can fit people in-between sizes and change with your body during bloating days.


  • Size range: XS – 5XL
  • Price range: $32 – $46
  • Styles: Bikini, boyshorts, hipsters, boxers and thongs in a small assortment of colours/prints
  • Absorbency: 1 tampon, 4+ tampons, or 8-11 tampons equivalency
  • Other product notes: The matching Lounge Top ($42) is available in four colourways to complete the set.

Aisle offers a suite of periods products, including reusable pads and menstrual cups, with a Matchmaker Quiz to help you determine which product is the best fit for you. Their aim is to reduce the environmental impact of traditional tampons and pads, while increasing menstrual equity by donating menstrual products around the world. They’re committed to their social impact, and their Sustainable Development Goals which focus on gender equality, climate action and education.

Ruby Love

  • Size range: XXS – 8XL
  • Price range: $17.99 – $24.99
  • Styles: Bikini, hipsters, briefs and high-waist in up to 18 colourways
  • Absorbency: All products hold up to 2.5 tampons’ worth of absorbency
  • Other product notes: Ruby Love offers additional collections for period protection in Swimwear, Loungewear, and Activewear, including bodysuits.

Ruby Love has the most inclusive sizing on this list, but only one absorbency level. They also have a dedicated teen/tween collection.

Dear Kate

  • Size range: XS – 3XL
  • Price range: $34 – $46
  • Styles: Briefs, hipsters and thongs in 6 colourways
  • Absorbency: Thong (1 light tampon or 1 tsp), Mini (1.5 regular tampons or 2 tsp) or Full (2 regular tampons or 3 tsp)
  • Other product notes: They also offer leakproof leggings.

Dear Kate has a giveback campaign where they donate a pair of underwear to someone in need for every purchase over $100. Their products are moisture-wicking without the use of plastic fabrics or films.

Have you tried period underwear before? What brand did you try and what did you think of it?

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Morgan March 19, 2023 - 6:22 pm

Great post! Just a heads up that Thinx recently settled a class action lawsuit for not disclosing that they use PFAS on their products, which has been associated with reproductive harm and there’s little research on how that effect can be compounded when worn in intimate areas.

Estelle Puleston March 21, 2023 - 1:06 pm

Hi Morgan, thanks for commenting. Yes, I saw that news recently – it is not just Thinx unfortunately! Dropping a link here for anyone else who reads this comment to a helpful article that includes lists of period underwear products found to have high fluorine levels, lower fluorine levels, and no fluorine: https://www.mamavation.com/health/thinx-period-panties-test-positive-for-pfas.html