Want to Write for Esty Lingerie?

by Estelle Puleston

You may have noticed that lately, I’ve only been posting new content once a week or so. I’d hoped when I quit my job to write about lingerie full-time that I would start publishing much more frequently, but it hasn’t really worked out that way. I am writing about lingerie more than ever, but a lot of the time it’s for other websites. And with my son’s school year coming to an end next week, for the rest of summer at least, I’m only going to get busier.

I do have a list as long as my arm of planned topic ideas, and I’m going to shuffle my schedule around to make sure I prioritise writing them a bit more. But I’ve also decided that it’s definitely time to add some new members to my team. So if you have a passion for lingerie and love to write too, read on!

I’m looking for two new writers to take on slightly different roles. First up, I’m looking for a features writer to cover lookbooks, interviews and brand news. I receive a lot of press releases and information from brands that I’d like to cover on the blog but can’t find time to, so for this role, I’m looking for someone who’s happy to be assigned topics and brands to write about. Of course, you can turn down any that aren’t a good fit. There will be 2 articles required per month.

Secondly, I have space to take on a second writer who will provide 1-2 articles per month, but I’m more flexible about what you write about. I won’t be assigning you topics, so you’ll need to be able to come up with a regular flow of ideas on your own. I’m especially keen to hire someone who can provide a perspective on lingerie that’s different to my own – so please do apply if you’re plus-sized, small-busted, disabled, a person of colour, over 40, a lingerie design student, someone who buys ultra-luxe, someone who buys very low-cost, or anything else that gives you a unique take on the world of lingerie!

What else do you need?

  • Great English! No previous writing experience is necessary, but I do need people who can write well.
  • If you plan on writing reviews of your lingerie purchases, good photography skills. Again, you don’t need to be a professional, but check out the reviews section for an idea of what’s expected. Good lighting, high-resolution, etc.
  • A Paypal account, because that’s how I’ll be paying you.

How to apply

Please send the following to info@estylingerie.com no later than 30th June 2018. I will be contacting shortlisted applicants in early July to discuss things in more detail.

  • Which role you are applying for – features writer, or general writer
  • If general writer, a list of 5 topics/titles you’d like to write about initially
  • A brief introduction – who you are, and why you want to write for Esty Lingerie
  • An example of your writing, preferably lingerie or fashion based, of at least 400 words. This can be something you’ve written previously, or a new sample piece to show me the kind of thing you’d write for this blog

These are paid, freelance positions. I’m perfectly happy for you to write under a pseudonym if you don’t want to use your real name. I can’t wait to read all of your applications!

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