Indulgence and Individuality: Introducing Lingerie Retailer Killed In Action

by Estelle Puleston

Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by Killed In Action.

What do you do when you can’t find your favourite lingerie brands in your country? Well for one Portugal-based woman named Kia, the answer was to launch her own boutique! The result is Killed In Action, an online store focussed on high-end, high-fashion lingerie.

Browsing through the product range, what hit me most (besides how much of it I want to own!) is how well-curated it all is. There’s a clear aesthetic vision – modern, minimal, and sexy – so if you like one product in the store, chances are you’ll like a whole lot more of them too.

The brand list includes the iconic Bordelle, sporty and sustainable newcomer Opaak, cult favourites DSTM and La Fille d’O, and several others. The colour palette is almost entirely black and red, and the styles range from extravagant strappy to sheer meshes and block-coloured satins. This isn’t a store for people who want something cute and lacy. It’s for the fierce, statement-making fashionistas amongst you.

DSTM Sever Jumpsuit, 245€ (~£220 / ~$278)

Murmur Denude bodysuit, 250€ (~£225 / ~$284)

Opaak Celine Bustier Bra, 115€ (~£103 / ~$131) and High-Waist Thong, 58€ (~£52 / ~$66)

E.L.F. Zhou London Sculpted Leather Bra, 340€ (~£305 / ~$387)

Opaak Donna Bodysuit, 195€ (~£175 / ~$222) and Shelly Leg Straps, 38€ (~£34 / ~$43)

Kia’s love of lingerie was sparked during her time spent living in Berlin, where she frequented the types of underground clubs whose dress codes were ‘less is more’. Lingerie for her became about dressing up and trying to put together the most eye-catching or creative look.

And it’s this idea that lingerie can be about individuality, confidence and fun that is now central to the Killed In Action ethos. “Lingerie is not only fun and empowering but also underlines self-expression and boosts body positivity” reads the website. This is a boutique that believes lingerie is there to be enjoyed for enjoyment’s sake, just like any other type of fashion.

Bordelle Bondage Belle Crop Top, 330€ (~£296 / ~$375), Harness Thong, 80€ (~£72 / ~$91) and Tomoe Harness Brief, 150€ (~£135 / ~$170)

E.L.F. Zhou London Ascot Cupless Bra, 115€ (~£103 / ~$131), Deconstructed Brief, 60€ (~£54 / ~$68) and Spider Suspender, on sale for 60€ (~£54 / ~$68)

E.L.F. Zhou London Vegas Gold Overlay Crop Top, 150€ (~£135 / ~$170)

Bordelle Bondage Belle Bodysuit, 310€ (~£345 / ~$392)

Kia has also strived to create a store that’s ethical, and which promotes slow fashion and expert craftsmanship. All of the brands she works with are independent ones that manufacture locally (or at least within Europe), so you know you’re buying true artisanal quality, rather than overpaying for something that was cheaply-made. Shopping here means you’re also supporting the one-woman-owned business that is Killed In Action itself.

My personal favourite pieces right now are the Murmur Sculpt bodysuit (perfect for lingerie-as-outerwear dressing), the Bordelle Bondage Belle bodysuit (no one does strappy lingerie like this brand does), the La Fille d’O Fast Girls Noir bra (I’m a sucker for both sheer bras and a cutaway gore), and the E.L.F. Zhou London Vegas high-neck bra (the fabric! The shape! The luxury!).

La Fille d’O Ignition Bodysuit, 280€ (~£252 / ~$318)

Corporelle Demi-Cup Bralette, 115€ (~£103 / ~$131) and Silk Knickers, 90€ (~£81 / ~$102)

DSTM El Diablo Waspie Knickers, 175€ (~£157 / ~$199)

Bordelle Bondage Shelf Bra, 230€ (~£207 / ~$261) and Adjustable Webbed Thong, 120€ (~£108 / ~$136)

There’s so much more I’d love to wear though, and the pictures here are just some of what you’ll find. Click here to see the full selection of products.

Although Killed In Action is based in Portugal, standard delivery is free to many countries, including the UK. The full list can be found here. And in keeping with the store’s luxury and indulgent vibe, all orders will arrive packaged inside a debossed, magnet-closure box. Perfect if you’re gift shopping for someone else!

Are you loving the Killed In Action aesthetic as much as I am? What’s your favourite look from the blog post or from the website?

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