2020 Gift Guide: Lingerie Over £250

by Estelle Puleston

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This is the final post in my 2020 gift guide series, and it’s time to delve into true, no-holds-barred luxury. The 20 pieces here range from a smidge over £250 through to one piece that’s in the four figures, and represent some of the most breathtakingly-exquisite lingerie and loungewear I’ve seen all year. There’s everything from luscious marabou trims to intricate hand-insertion appliqué, and many of them are handmade. If you really want to treat someone (or yourself!) and have the funds, these are the items, and brands, where I’d start my search.

Of course, do be sure to check last ordering dates if you want to receive your purchase by the 25th. And if you’re just here to ogle pretty things but are really looking for a lower-priced gift, you can check out my £100-£250, £50-99 and Under £50 lists for inspiration.

If you could have any one lingerie piece or set this year, no matter the cost, what would you choose? (It doesn’t have to be something from this list!)

The product recommendations directly above are affiliate links

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