Marabou Lingerie: 19 Looks for Every Budget

by Eliza Lahey

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Fluffy and fabulous, marabou is commonly associated with the sex kitten glamour of the 1950s as it was often seen on Hollywood stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Mae West. Since then it’s faded in and out of popularity – and right now, it’s definitely having a comeback moment.

I love how versatile marabou is. While I often connect it with that vintage silver screen glam, featured as a trim on an elegant robe or as pom-poms on kitten heels, it also fits in nicely with a more modern aesthetic. One of the most notable examples in the past few years was the wildly popular Black Widow marabou collection from Savage X Fenty, and you’ve almost certainly seen the luxurious marabou-trimmed robes — most famously those of Catherine D’Lish’s “Boudoir by D’Lish” — that have taken the lingerie industry by storm in recent years.

Marabou-edged robes are becoming easier to find at lower price points too (you’ll find several below!), though beware of ‘deals’ that are clearly too good to be true. Likewise and happily, marabou lingerie and loungewear in general can now be found in a range of sizes that weren’t as readily available in earlier decades.

Before we get to the lingerie, a little background on what, exactly, marabou is. It got its name from marabou storks, where the feathers originally came from, way back in the 18th century when it first came into fashion. These days, marabou much more commonly comes from white turkey feathers. It is easily dyed, which is why it’s so favoured for use in clothing, as well as being ultra-soft.

I should note that there is a lot of gorgeous lingerie out there with other kinds of feather trims, such as Harlow & Fox’s Juliette Hazel Feather Robe made with ostrich feathers, but we’re focusing on marabou in this article (check out that robe, though — it’s beautiful!).

So, let’s take a peek at some of the marabou-themed lingerie available today:

What do you think of marabou lingerie? Do you have any favourite looks you would add to this list?

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