2021 Lingerie Colour Trend: Bright Blue

by Estelle Puleston

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A really bright blue has always been one of my favourite colours for clothing, so when I found myself seeing more than a few vibrant blue things in my inbox recently, at first I thought I was just noticing them because I’m particularly drawn to that colour (and because I seriously regret not picking up Myla’s Columbia Road set when it was available in cobalt or electric blue). But nope – after a bit of research, there is definitely more blue lingerie around this season than usual!

From saturated aqua and turquoise shades to a true primary blue, this summer 2021 lingerie trend feels fresh, fun and statement-making in a way that I think can only be matched by an equally-vivid yellow. It’s been picked up by budget-friendly and luxury brands alike; below are 20 of my favourite looks to check out, from everyday basics to fancier sets.

Are you a fan of bright blue for lingerie too? Will you be buying any of these?

Lunya Washable Silk Robe, $248 (~£180 / ~211€)*

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