How to Properly Put on a Bra

by Hayley

Not all methods of putting on a bra are created equally. If bras are worn incorrectly, breast tissue can sit in the band area, and migration can become a problem. A bra cup might seem to fit at first but once worn correctly, the wearer may realise that the cup is actually too small and the band is too large.

Migrated Breast Tissue

Migrated breast tissue occurs when part of one’s breasts shift away from the breast mound over time. The tissue most commonly settles around the armpits and back, sometimes resulting in rolls. However, it can also sit in the sternum and torso areas, leaving little division between breasts.

One common cause of tissue migration is the constant use of ill-fitting bras, which cause the tissue in the breast mound to squeeze out the back and sides of the cups. Over time, this tissue moves more permanently into the areas into which it has been pressed. This phenomenon, which is more common in fuller-busted women, can be corrected over time by wearing a well-fitting bra and gathering all of the migrated tissue into the cups each time a bra is worn, using the ‘scoop and swoop’ method.

Scoop and Swoop

The ‘scoop and swoop’, also known as the ‘scoop and grab’ or ‘scoop and jiggle’, is a method used to move all breast tissue, including any that has migrated, into the cups of a bra. To properly scoop and swoop, one starts with fastening a new bra on the loosest clasp. Then, she bends at the waist, making her upper body parallel to the ground. Using one hand, she gently pulls the band away from the side of one of her breasts. Using the other hand, moving in a back-to-front motion, she slides the breast tissue (including migrated breast tissue) into the cup of her bra. To complete, she stands to settle her breast in place, then repeats the process for her other breast.

Performing the ‘scoop and swoop’ improves overall bra fit by positioning the underwire, band and cups in such a way that the breasts are properly lifted and supported. It also makes the bust look perkier and more supported, smooths out any armpit and back buldges, and, as mentioned above, moves migrated tissue back into place.

For many women, it is not uncommon for cup size to increase after a few months of wearing the right size bra, because all the previously smashed-around tissue has settled back into its proper place on the breast mound. A cup size may increase and band size decrease,as breast volume is properly shifted into the cups and away from the rest of the body. These effects are not limited to women with a larger breast volume; they are experienced by women of all breast sizes!


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