2013 Lingerie Design Competition – Interview With Runner-Up Charlotte M.

by Estelle Puleston

For those of you who don’t already know, each year we run an international lingerie design competition to scout out new design talent, and the winner gets to see their lingerie produced and sold as a limited edition item here on Esty Lingerie. This year, we received so many great entries that we decided to open the competition up to public voting too and let our fans vote for the 2nd and 3rd place winners who each received a £50 gift voucher and an interview for the blog.

So first up is Charlotte M., a Contour Fashion student, the blogger behind Bralette to Lady and now the 3rd place winner in our 2013 design competition, as chosen by you. We spoke to her about the inspiration behind the lingerie set she came up with, her previous design experience and her advice for other aspiring lingerie designers…

Firstly, congratulations! How did it feel to find out you’d won 3rd place in our 2013 lingerie design competition?

Thank you. I was really excited and cheekily began selecting lingerie goods to splurge the prize on immediately! I was gutted not to have won of course but overjoyed to have my design recognised by Esty Lingerie.

Do you have any previous experience in lingerie design?

Lingerie design is my dream career! I’m currently a first year Contour Fashion student at De Montfort University, which entails lingerie, swimwear and shapewear design.

Have you learnt anything as a student that you applied to your entry in this competition?

I created the design during Art and Design Foundation; as a student there I was taught to think outside the box. I applied this to my design by reflecting a new light on the meaning of the brief. I considered different connotations of ‘flower’ and from that I came to look at the archetype of an English rose and began researching from that point.

Tell us more about the your inspiration and how you came up with the finished design…

Well I wanted my garment to be aesthetically tasteful to the current market and current trends. I used market research as a tool to see what popular brands were producing. I noticed a trend of peep-holes and high-waisted knickers, extended decorative underwear and that really helped to inspire the shape of the garment. Although I still wanted to keep some individuality to the set!

What skills, experiences and personality traits do you think it takes to become a great lingerie designer?

I value the idea that a successful lingerie designer understands human/individual responses to varying styles, fits and fabrics first hand. 70% of women are supposedly wearing the wrong bra size for example. So why is it that we go back to these ‘wrong’ bra sizes, time after time, when a bra fitting is free? I’m currently seeking a Christmas temp role in a bra fitting department. Understanding the emotional and physical responses of individuals to different bras and fits will only enrich me as a designer.

What are your plans for your future career?

It would be wonderful to gain industry experience – currently I’m thinking about which brands to apply for internships with for the coming summer. The dream is to make my own mark on the lingerie industry by producing my own brand some day.

Finally, what is your one top tip you would give to other, aspiring lingerie designers?

Ruthless confidence is necessary for success. Never question your own talent, it will only stunt your ability to perform to your very best. Finally, designing lingerie should always be FUN!

What do you think of Charlotte’s English Rose design?


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