20 Matching Leg Garter Sets to Wear Instead of Stockings This Summer

by Estelle Puleston

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What’s a suspender belt lover to do when the weather’s too hot for hosiery? Double garters! Once an old-fashioned thing that only brides still wore, the trend for strappy, elastic lingerie has brought leg garters back into style again.

There are leg garters (or thigh garters, whatever you want to call them) that hold stockings up and do away with the need for a suspender belt, such as these, these, these* and these. But that’s not what this article is about. What I’m sharing today are garter sets that let you skip the stockings but keep the suspender belt. Because sometimes you want to wear a 3-piece lingerie set even in summer!

If Instagram is anything to go by, there’s a growing trend to just wear suspender belts on their own, with the straps left flapping about. Each to their own of course, but personally I’m not a fan. I’d much rather wear a set of garters that give those straps a purpose, not to mention secure them in place so that they don’t start to annoy me as I walk about.

Here are 20 leg garter options for budgets big and small. A handful are sold individually, but most come as a pair. None of these actually need to be worn with a suspender belt by the way, but all of them can be if you want to.

Bordelle Amaya Garter Set, £96 (~$122 / ~108€)
Flash You And Me White Four Strap Bondage Leg Garter Set, 39€ (~£33 / ~$47)
Fetish Noir Annabelle Derriere Garter Set, £30 (~$38 / ~34€)*
La Mia Ragazza Lingerie Garter Set, $36 (~£28 / ~32€)*
Fräulein Kink Kiss Garter Set, 159€ (~£142 / ~$180)
SKG Designs Misty Thigh Garter (sold individually), $15 (~£12 / ~13€)
Idealogia Store Ring Garter Set, $44.50 (~£35 / ~39€)*
You Married a Witch Burlesque Garter Set, 135€ (~£120 / ~$153)*
Bordelle Amaya Lace Garter Set, £114 (~$145 / ~128€)
Mari Moth Lingerie Garter Set, $45 (~£35 / ~40€)*
Beastly Bootique Navy Blue and Gold Arrow Garter Set, $38 (~£30 / ~34€)*
Talulah Blue Burlesque Leg Garter (sold individually), £6 (~$8 / ~7€)*
Esty Lingerie Midas Gold Buckle Leg Garter Set, £24.99 (~$32 / ~28€)
Panther Daze Designs Alice Garter Set, $45 (~£35 / ~40€)
Feather Red Pieper Garter Set, $70 (~£55 / ~62€)*
With Love Lingerie Brass Lion Garter (sold individually), $42 (~£33 / ~37€)*
Bordelle Exclusive Garter Set, £90 (~$115 / ~101€)
Leo Nova Line Garter Set, $18 (~£14 / ~16€)*
Ange Dechu Garter Set, $42 (~£33 / ~37€)*
Koko Lingerie Garter Set (price includes suspender belt), $29 (~£23 / ~26€)*

Do you wear suspender belts in summer? With stockings or garters?

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