6 Budget-Friendly Full-Bust Bra Brands

by Wencillia Querbel

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Affordability is a very relative concept. It depends on so many factors. For example, if you live in a ‘lingerie desert’ you might only be exposed to £70+ bras as a full-busted person (and hence a £50 one would seem cheap by comparison), while other people might be able to easily find a £20 bra in your size in their local area.

For the purpose of this article, I asked my Instagram followers what they considered to be a budget-friendly bra, and the average answer was £30 (approx. $42 / 35€) or less. On this basis, I will share my opinion on the pros and cons of some of the best budget-friendly, full-bust bra brands I’ve had the opportunity to try around that price range.

Curvy Kate

Price range for bras: £22 – £35 (or up to £47 in their premium Scantilly by Curvy Kate* line)

Curvy Kate* is a British lingerie brand specialized in full-bust lingerie that also offers plus-size options. Their size range includes cup sizes D-K with bands from 30 to 44 and coordinates from UK 8 to 24. This brand makes one of the best full-bust strapless bras on the market as well as supportive bralettes up to a JJ cup.

Pros: A wide size range and affordable bras in a lot of colours and shapes. Perfect for an everyday lingerie wardrobe.

Cons: Inconsistent quality of some designs.

Tutti Rouge

Price range for bras: £15 – £28

Tutti Rouge is one of the cheapest full-bust brands on the market. Initially, the brand started with a different aesthetic and price range (from £35 – £45 if my memories are correct). The designs have evolved from very structured and colorful bras to plain colors and stretchy, wireless products. This brand focuses on young people who love mainstream fashion and easy-to-fit lingerie. The size range goes from XS to 6XL, 30-48 D-G.

Pros: Very affordable prices, and a simple shopping experience for customers who may otherwise struggle to find easy-to-fit products in their size.

Cons: The fit is hit or miss. Designs are repetitive as the same fabrics and silhouettes are often reused. Their wireless products aren’t very durable.

Comexim Megan Bra, 190 PLN (~£36 / ~$49 / ~42€) – European 65D – 95G (max. cup size: M)
Comexim Red Panter Bra, 170 PLN (~£32 / ~$44 / ~37€) – European 65D – 95G (max. cup size: L)


Price range for bras: £28 – £35

Comexim is a Polish brand that’s relatively well-known in the lingerie community for its affordable yet well-fitting bras and swimwear. This brand is focused on small bands and deep cups (EU 60-95, D-M depending on the band size). It might be surprising to notice that their cup size availability decreases as the band size gets bigger. For example, while the size 65M is available – roughly equivalent to a UK 30J – after this band size, the deepest cup volumes are sister sizes of 65M with larger bands (70L, 75K, 80J etc.). Note that the coordinate size range S-XXL is quite limited in comparison to British or American brands.

Pros: Durable quality lingerie for an affordable price. Possibility of custom band sizing. Fun yet supportive designs.

Cons: European sizing can be tricky to understand because it’s way less consistent among brands and countries than UK sizing. Once you know your size in one brand, things get easier, but the process can be time consuming. In addition to that, Comexim isn’t the most consistent European brand out there, so you might need to be patient.

ASOS DESIGN Fuller Bust Ayla Bra, £22 (~$31 / ~26€)* – 30DD – 38E (max. cup size: GG)
ASOS DESIGN Fuller Bust Rosie Bra, £14 (~$19 / ~17€)* – 30DD – 44G (max. cup size: GG)

ASOS Design Fuller Bust

Price range for bras: £10 to £24

ASOS* launched their full bust lingerie brand in 2018. They’ve expanded their size range to offer products up to a UK HH cup at some point, but most of their garments are currently available in the standard 30-38, DD-G. The e-commerce giant is offering some of the cheapest prices on the market. With full-bust bras starting from £10, this is certainly as low as the industry ever went for this type of product – which is an indicator of fast fashion standards (accordingly, ASOS has been offering mainstream lingerie designs and has launched an impressive number of products since they started targeting full-bust customers).

Pros: Very low prices, and fashionable designs that are usually hard to find in these sizes (e.g. bikinis with puff sleeves).

Cons: The very low price makes me question the ethical values of the brand. Inconsistent quality and fit.

Pour Moi? St Tropez Bra, £25 (~$35 / ~29€)* – 32DD – 44G (max. cup size: J)

Pour Moi?

Price range for bras: £16 – £35

In 2015 if you had asked me for a full-bust budget-friendly brand, Pour Moi?* would have been the first brand to come to mind. Already at that time, this brand was offering a variety of very affordable and fashion-forward lingerie and swimwear pieces, as well as everyday pieces that were in line with the trends. The size range is relatively inclusive with bras in size 30-44 B-J and coordinates in UK 8 to 18. Pour Moi? lingerie offers a decent fit and quality – these are bras that can last with proper care. One issue would be the wideness of the wires if that is something you have problems with.

Pros: Sturdy and affordable lingerie in fun, fashionable designs.

Cons: The bras’ construction feels a bit generic, so if you have particular bras concerns such as needing narrow wires or a specific placement of the straps, these bras might not work for you.

Gorsenia Morisson Bra, 143 PLN (~£27 / ~$37 / ~31€) – European 65G – 115D (max. cup size: M)
Gorsenia Memphis Bra, 128 PLN (~£24 / ~$34 / ~28€) – European 65F – 90J (max. cup size: M)


Price range for bras: approx. £11 – £27 direct (website in Polish), or higher from UK/US stockists

Gorsenia* is a Polish brand that isn’t discussed a lot in the lingerie community, but actually has a lot to offer. The Polish lingerie industry is very impressive in terms of fit and construction. While Comexim offers lots of padded bras with feminine and bold prints, Gorsenia also offers unpadded bras with embroidered cups. The size range includes bras in EU 65-90 D-L. Note, however, that there are some inconsistencies in the sizing.

Pros: Supportive and durable designs. Excellent, comfortable fit.

Cons: Inconsistent sizing, which means that you might need to order several bras before finding the perfect fit.

Overall, the pros and cons of many of these budget-friendly brands are very similar. It is in fact, absolutely logical that cheaper products would present this kind of issues. To offer a product at very low cost, quality control can’t usually be very stringent, and the materials used can’t be incredibly delicate or rare. However, it doesn’t mean that the final product isn’t durable. Au contraire, it happens that cheaper bras, if made with sturdy enough material and regularly hand-washed, will be easier to keep for a long time than very dainty pieces.

How easy is it for you to find bras that fit your size and budget? Do you have a go-to budget lingerie brand?

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Hi Wencillia, A really interesting blog, informative and objective, which is not always easy. I am Commercial Director @ Tutti Rouge and one of the founders nearly 11 years ago now – makes me feel old!!

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